Yoga Poses Offer Fitness to Beginners

Yoga Poses Offer Fitness to Beginners

Yoga is an original concept or a form of exercise which is used for connecting breaths and body to mind. The exact history of yoga is unknown.
Yoga is a Sanskrit word which has the meaning of ‘merge’ or ‘unite’. The exact origin of yoga is unknown but it is thought to be five thousand years old.

At that time the purpose of yoga was to concentrate and understand the world. But modern yoga has focused on five principles which are proper diet, relaxation, breathing, exercise and positive thinking.

All these poses and meditations were implemented by Buddhist teachings.
Understanding yoga for beginners is a big step if you have decided to take it up. It means that you are going to make some changes in your lifestyle.
These changes are very useful for human beings because they provide balance to your body, mind and emotions.
For achieving all these useful variations, yoga has to be done with its specific postures, breathing, movements and meditations.

Prerequisites of Yoga

Yoga for beginners has some prerequisites which describe that you are not allowed to do this workout if you are younger than twelve years.
You could do practice just for 30 to 45 minutes daily. While doing yoga your stomach should be empty that is why the best time for it is early morning.
Your place should be quiet and clothes should be comfortable.
You should not be practicing over uncovered floor; some mat or piece of carpet is a must.

Yoga Poses for Beginners

Yoga and traditional(common) exercises are different from each other because the former involves steady movements while the latter involves speedy movements.
Similarly, main aim of yoga is to achieve relaxation while people do exercises for fitness.
Yoga also involves different poses; for beginners, they are seated poses, standing poses, resting poses, back bends, arm balance, inversion, etc.

Yoga Positions

There are different yoga positions such as ashtanga position, nidra position, kundalini yoga position and hatha yoga position, etc; they are almost the same in its different types.
The main difference in which they are performed is in speed, room temperature and breathing technique.
There are so many benefits of yoga for beginners like physiological, mental and physical ones.
It is also useful in respiration, high blood pressure and back pain problems.
Yoga gives us flexibility, strength, pain prevention and improves our breathing.
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