Yoga Poses for Stretching – Mountain, Lunge and Plank

Yoga Poses for Stretching – Mountain, Lunge and Plank

Yoga exercises’ poses, when seen from distance, seem to be quite difficult to a layman as body stretched by professional yoga doers is quite a difficult task for a new comer.
He may be confused by professionals’ poses and get perplexed in the very beginning of these workouts.
For this, you may employ many yoga poses for stretching back, yoga poses for arm stretch or yoga poses for stretching the back yoga postures and Vinyasa and yoga relaxation techniques.

Yoga Poses are for Stretching

Yoga exercises and poses are meant to give you a stretched body along with its muscles.
Yoga poses are to stretch your body and its muscles as this stretching will lead to relaxed muscles and well-toned body.
The object of well-toned body muscles as well as aligned and tuned muscles can be attained through this stretching.
Following are three simple but important exercises or poses that would greatly help you to overcome your fears of yoga as well as your exercise problem.

Mountain Pose

This exercise is the simplest and the easiest yoga pose as it requires you to stand still and straight with your face, arms, legs, head, hands, etc., at their normal positions when you stand in a relaxing mood; hands touching leg sides, whole feet touching floor and chest coming forward.
It is to provide holistic bodily health to all of your body parts.

Lunge Pose

First of all, put both of your hands on floor with the whole body straight and feet finger tips touching the floor.
Bend your right leg exactly close to your arms with your feet beside your hands and stay at this position for almost 5 breaths.
Now, take right leg back to its position and repeat the same procedure with left leg.
Lunge pose is meant to provide you with stretched and relaxed leg muscles and leg and feet joints.

Plank Pose

This is a very easy pose as it provides you with the best possible results without much effort.
Put your arms straight at the floor with body straight just like lunge pose; feet finger tips touching floor.
Stay in this position for five breaths with micro-bent elbows and then sit on floor to relax for some time.
The above three yoga exercises may be adopted to get muscle alignment and to lose weight.
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