Yoga Meditation explores ‘The me’ to get Focus, Self-Recognition and Truth

Yoga Meditation explores ‘The me’ to get Focus, Self-Recognition and Truth

Yoga is one of those few exercises which deal with body, mind and soul.

The word ‘exercise’ brings to mind exercises that are related to body fitness, gaming, sports, body activity, walking, running, weight lifting, etc.

But yoga meditation exercises require no such activity at all as they are there to explore ‘the me’ in us.

Yoga and Focus

Yoga requires you to give full attention to your body while yoga meditation requires you to give attention to your mental powers.

You have to focus on a certain thing in your life so that to attain full focus on other matters of life. Yoga and focus go together and are indispensable for each other.

Your emphasis on one thing must remain intact and no other idea should be able to capture your attention.

Yoga focus requirement is fulfilled if you keep thinking about your basic idea.


Yoga meditation will take you to self-recognition point.

The inner self of yours will be revealed to you to let you know about your own self.

Various things around will be crystal clear before your mind to let you comprehend the realities of life.

Truth and Beauty

Beauty and truth of things around will be co-mingled with ‘the me’ in you and you will start comprehending truth in everything around.

Truth is the only thing that lies under curtain all the time and this yoga meditation will reveal the very truth unto your minds.

Now, it depends on the capacity of your mind whether you are able to capture it or not.

As John Keas has put it thus:

“Truth is beauty and beauty truth;

Ye know on earth and all ye need to know”

Self-Identification and the Me

Self-identification by yoga meditation and ‘the me’ will lead you to the heights of glory.

Psychic improvement of your mind, tension-free mind, relaxed body muscles, well-toned muscles, etc., will be the reward of such meditation exercises.

You will come to know about the things happening within and around you.

The me’ recognition through yoga meditations will lead you towards the basic principle of comprehending yourself.

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