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Win-win (Humor and Fun Series)

Win-win (Humor and Fun Series)

Win-win (Humor and Fun Series)

After a row, wife went to her parents with the words, “I will never be back.”

Five days later, husband called her and said, “Please come back as I am feeling lonely here”.

“You broke my heart, I can’t return”, wife told him furiously.

“Ok, I will glue your heart, do return”, husband pleaded.

“Heart can’t be glued dear. Is there any glass of water here?”, she asked as she knew that the glass will break into many pieces.

“Yes”, husband replied.

“Throw it forcibly on floor”, wife demanded.

Husband threw the glass on floor with force.

“Can you join its pieces”, wife asked in a victorious way.

“But there are no pieces here as it’s a metallic glass”, husband replied in a victorious way, too.

“You cheater!”, wife shouted at this defeat and said, “ok. I’ll be back this afternoon”.

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