Why do chances and accidents occur?

Chances and Accidents

Why do chances and accidents occur? They are there when we are moving away from the plan of the Creator and He randomly bestows us with chances and accidents to make it sure that His original plan remains intact. He is All-powerful and All-wise, so, He ensures through chance happenings that the main course of events already written or fated must go on smoothly. This is why, sometimes, when booming in our businesses, we get huge losses due to a chance or inversely, when losing, due to a sudden chance, we get huge amount of money from totally unexpected sources.

Evil and good occur out of God’s plan to fill paradise and Hell with good and evil practitioners respectively. For this purpose, we are given free-will to do the right or the wrong. Even after doing a right task or committing a wrong deed, we have the choice to go the other way round.

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