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White vs Black Lie

White vs Black Lie

Kugga, shapoota and Pallhoo were bragging about the chivalry of their respective cities’ restaurants.

Kugga: I prefer to go to my city’s restaurant where a dessert is always free of cost after you have eaten your dinner.   

Shapoota: Well, I prefer my city’s restaurant where the manager would give dessert as well as drinks free of cost after you have taken your dinner.

Palhoo: This is nothing. If you visit my city’s restaurant, the manager would give you dinner, dessert and drinks free of cost. After you are full, he would provide a conveyance to take you to the sea coast. He will also call your family at his expense and, in the end, he would give you $1,000.

Kugga and Shapoota together: This is simply a white lie.

Palhoo: And yours is black?

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