Weight Loss Goal for Fitness with BMI and Concentration

Weight Loss Goal for Fitness with BMI and Concentration

The Weight Loss Goals may be set to attain the glory of being the right weight man. Mens fitness demands them to set Weight Loss Goals.

These goals will enable them to get the ideal weight according their BMI or the Body Mass Index.

The BMI recommended weight can be achieved by everybody but it requires a little determination and patience.

BMI Weight

The BMI is a professional way of understanding the Weight Loss Goal as it aims at the loss of fat or the gain in weight by a person according to exact situation of his body.

A person with BMI from 18.5-25 is considered to be healthy; below it is said to be underweight; from 25-29.9 is said to be at an over weight stage while above 30 is said be with obesity.

The BMI may be calculated by simply telling your weight and height.

What are the Goals?

After having calculated your BMI, the next step is to set your goals as:

  1. How much weight you want to lose per week? (It shouldn’t be more than 2 lbs).
  2. How much total weight to lose?
  3. In how much time?
  4. Do you want to gain muscles during the same period or you simply want to lose weight?
  5. Lose weight or lose fat or both?

Setting Weight Loss Goal

These and any other questions can be answered in the very beginning by writing them in some diary so that to get the desirable results.

Suppose you are 150 lbs in weight and you set a Weight Loss Goal at 150 lbs in 5 week. So the point is clear and you need simply to lose 2 lbs per week if are serious about the set target.

For this purpose you will have to workout light or intense or both; you will also have to keep track of you daily progress in some diary. The diet and calorie plan must also be set for the purpose.

Concentrate on Weight Loss

The Weight Loss Goal achievement requires a real concentration from you to get to the point of attainment so that you really see what you are attaining in quick successions of time.

The weight loss may include the weight loss in fat as well as in muscles.

So, the best option in this context is to go for the weight loss in all ways.

Weight Loss Goal is not hard to achieve as it has been done by many and it has a hundred and one ways.

The only thing that you must have is the determination and the patience to lose weight there may be many hardships and difficulties involved.

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