Unveil the Golden Ratio Secrets and Succeed In Life

By Shahid Saleem Butt
Unveil the Golden Ratio Secrets and Succeed In Life
Phi  or Φ (named after the Greek sculptor, Phidias) brings us closer to some numerical secrets of the universe, galaxies, cosmos and everything that we can see and do here in this world.
It is a length to width relation that brings things to work in perfect order.
The most beautiful works of art, creations of nature, faces, figures, flowers, and bodies, shapes, human endeavors, etc., all get an astounding and gorgeous form when they have this Golden or Phi ratio.
Mathematicians and numbers experts have found this relation to be working in all beautiful and perfect things of the world.
These irrational numbers have proved to be of great value for people.
The numerical length to width ratio of two numbers is called golden mean, golden section, golden ratio or Divine proportion.
The objects created with this proportion in mind form the miracles of nature.
The lips formation, the nose formation, the face formation, the eyes, etc., look the most pleasing ones when they have this magical and secret proportion in them.
The irregular number, 1.61803 39887, shows the proportion of the miraculous objects of nature or human creation and this is the very proportion that was probably used to create this universe.
The mysteries of this unique irregular number are yet to be explored. But some scientists and researchers have been able to bring out these realities to the forefront.
The Fibonacci series related number has various applications that are yet to be discovered by the world. Some of the works of architecture and at are as follows:
  • Portrait of Mona Lisa.
  • Architectural marvels of Pharaoh’s Pyramids.
  • Golden Ratio in the design and architecture of Taj Mehal.
  • And many more are waiting for your inspection when you search for them by using internet.
Similarly, researchers have found the application of the same number in the following natural phenomenon and creations:
  • Golden ratio in the most fertile human uterus as to be found here: guardian.co.uk/science/alexs-adventures-in-numberland/2012/aug/14/golden-ratio-uterus.
  • Fibonacci numeric ratio in the colonies of honeybees as in this article maths.surrey.ac.uk/hosted-sites/R.Knott/Fibonacci/fibnat.html.
  • Fibonacci ratio in the creation of coneflower.
  • And thousands of other creations.
The Fibonacci series, Phi or Golden ratio numbers are derived by using the following two formulae:
With these formulae in hand , one can easily understand the mechanism that he has to adopt in his daily life to achieve the excellence that is specific only to the people who became legends and whose works gained superb quality.
Scientists and mathematicians have been able to devise a Golden Ratio calculator that will be helpful in making things certain to achieve an unparalleled excellence when a person has finally decided to use this proportion in performing a heroic task or in creating something really “A thing of Beauty” that “is a Joy forever”.
You simply have to surf the World Wide Web to reach certain conclusions and to lead an unparalleled and inimitable life through this unique information.
The use of these numbers in your lives, to attain different goals, will bring you closer to the achievement of your set objectives and, of course, to rise to the optimum level of your destiny range.
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