Treatment of Nits, Nymphs and Lice

Treatment of Nits, Nymphs and Lice

There are varying medications that are there in the market to kill or remove nits (eggs), nymphs and adult lice. Anyway, you have to consult your doctor and go for approved and proper medication for the removal or eradication of lice.

  • A nit comb with fine blades may be a suitable device to remove nits, nymphs and lice.
  • A regular use of medicated anti-lice shampoos and lotions may also be helpful.
  • The anointing and massaging of alcohol on head scalp may bring positive results. (you must consult doctor and remain away from igniting lighters and flames)
  • Some people think about vinegar to effective in this regard. Anyway, vinegar does not prove to be helpful in this regard.
  • Some people use kerosene oil to suffocate eggs. But the kerosene fumes are highly inflammable and many incidents of burning have occurred due to its use. So, avoid it.
  • You have to use FDA approved medication for your head. You may also use the shampoos or medication that may be approved by the health authorities of other medically reliable countries.

The elderly women in Pakistan normally get hold of their younger kids and start catching nymphs and lice from their heads.

The irony of the situation is that when a woman removes a female louse from the head of her child and kills it between her two thumb-nails, she is actually infesting her child’s head with the eggs that she unknowingly again throws into the head-scalp of the child during her search for more lice.

Why not keep the caught lice aside and then throw them in wash-basin or flush them away after the completion of the task?

If you have removed lice from your head, it does not mean that you have now become immune against them. They still may infest your head at any time.

So, the best treatment will be to remain cautious about cleanliness of your clothes, bed sheets, and linen of the room where you live.

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