Top 3 Exercises for Cardio Program – Boxing, Hiking, Ashtanga

Top 3 Exercises for Cardio Program – Boxing, Hiking, Ashtanga

Cardio program is for those people who want to remain fit and enjoy a healthy life. Cardio workouts are of different types but their purpose is the same.

The purpose of this program is to increase your heart rate and to take it to your desired level.

And in simple terms you want to increase stamina, lose fats or to get smarter look.

Whichever is the motivation for your cardio, here are top 3 cardio exercises which are best suitable for all of above mentioned requirements.


Boxing is one of the best cardio exercises used in the world. It is the best choice for those who want to work harder to achieve their goals.

Heart rate range for this workout is 50%-70% of your maximum level heart rate.

Special bag for punching and kicking is required for it. Also, you need to buy a pair of shoes and gloves as well.

After doing this, a warm up exercise is needed. Running is best here for warming up your body.

After 1-2 minutes warm up session, start doing the boxing. Kick and punch the punching bag for at least 10 minutes. In this session, you need to do the basics like drilling, pushing, and also some defensive techniques.

It will give strength to your body and help you reaching your destination.


For those people, who want to take leisure from their workouts, hiking is the best thing to do.

When you do hiking, you feel like you are on a picnic trip, not on exercise program. It requires no equipment.

No extra money is needed to pay the bills of gym centers. Just a pair of shoes and you can do it.
In hiking program, you need to do a stroll on hills in upward direction. This will increase your stamina.

It strengthens your heart and leg muscles. Full body movement is required while climbing up. Therefore, calories start burning while doing hiking.


Posture of ashtanga is one of the most popular styles ever to be used for cardio exercises. It requires no special equipment. Just you need to wear a dress in which you feel easy while doing workouts.

There are 3 techniques which are used in ashtanga yoga. First technique is the breathing technique.

Breathe slowly in the way that your lungs are completely empty and your back is straight.

Then inhale slowly from the throat. Second technique gives power to the spinal cord.

Third and the last technique is the style of breathing in which you expand your rib cage to inhale and exhale.

It strengthens the abdomen, lungs and chest muscles.

This shows that ashtanga yoga is the best cardio in any cardio program.

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