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Special Chaat (Humor and Fun)

Special Chaat

A list of a variety of Fruit Chaats was displayed at a Chaat shop

  1. Simple Chaat – PKR 80

  1. Special Chaat – PKR 90

  1. Extra Special Chaat – PKR 100

  1. Double Extra Special Chaat – PKR 110

  1. Friday Special Chaat – PKR 120

I was amazed to see it and decided to taste a new flavor on every coming day.

After eating Chaat for three days, I found the Chaat taste to be the same.

At last, I could not help asking the Chaat man to explain this.

The shopkeeper had by now become a friend of mine. He looked around and calmly told me, “Dude, you appear to be a good fellow. The thing is

Simple Chaat is offered in an unwashed plate.

Special Chaat is offered in a washed plate but with unwashed spoon.

Extra special Chaat is offered with both plate and spoon washed.

I also wash my hands before giving double extra special Chaat.

I wondered, “Well, what’s so special about Friday special Chaat?”, I wondered.

“Oh! You are so simple. I have to say my prayer on Friday, so, I take a bath on this day,” he told with fervor.


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