Snowy Wind

Poem:”Snowy Wind ”
Poetess :”Sidrah Asghar ”

Snowy Wind

On a lightened note of beats,
I felt the waves of snowy wind ;

Mesmerising beautifully as Stars,
as Flooded Sky with Shiny wind.

I just hold my hands so tightly ,
Showing I’m just helpless inside ;

Tearing the borders of own limits,
Blowing within my swelled Eyes.

On a brightened note of Dark,
I talked to that Snowy Heart;

Once filled with love more behind ,
Left me now, so hardened delight .

Oh glittery wind,  come soon ,
with a Cool breeze to bless me ;

Spread the fragrance of yours smile,
As I’m waiting for yours rhymes.

Dear me !What can I do for you,
If you see me million times ;
Come & Wipe out my tear bites,
So,I can save you in snowy-wine. 

Sidrah asghar

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