Smoking – A Sweet Venom

Smoking – A Sweet Venom

by Qasim Imam
Smoking-A Sweet Venom
Every single soul is important. Life is a grant, not a joke; it is always meaningful beyond our perception. No one has the right to harm himself which is a greater sin and of no use except becoming despicable.
This life is an escrow which has to be returned sooner or later not by our will but by God’s will.
“One single soul saved shall outlive and outweigh all the kingdoms of the world” (JC Ryle)

“A single soul is richer than all the worlds” (Alexander Smith)

Smoking Among Boys and Girls

Smoking is a notorious fashion which is practiced mostly for show off or curiosity. A person becomes addicted without even knowing and he keeps consuming tobacco in cigarettes.

The Genesis of Smoking

Actually, this cancer is introduced to kids by their very elders at first though they may also prohibit their kids of its use at the same time but curiosity urges the latter to try it once, somehow. Later, this curiosity and the resultant relaxing effect gradually makes them dependent on cigarettes.

According to the JPMA, approximately 1200 children start smoking everyday.

“No man becomes bad all at once” (Juvenal-Roman poet)
It needs regular and consistent practice to become an addict.

Boys and girls of universities are also drawn into this habit as a playful act with its harmful smoke.

Many of them are brought in this act by some sellers who coax them by saying it antidepressant, which is quite wrong.

Well, girls also embrace this habit; it’s quite shocking to digest but it is there even though.

Smoking causes many health defects as discussed below, regardless of genders including fertility, physical (gum, hairs, skin etc) and medical health issues.

Students of Educational Institutions

Most of the students of colleges and universities have experienced smoking once in life.
Statistics for smoking in Pakistan show appalling results.
Tobacco smoking is 36% among males and 9% among females. Whereas in students of universities, the prevalence of smoking is 15% with the majority being male.
In educational institutions, the other major cause of the increase of smokers, is the friends and bad company which urge and lure a student to indulge in smoking and consistent sitting with tobacco addicts makes him an addict, too.
These institutions include universities, colleges and even schools.

Manufacturers’ View

“Smoking is injurious to health”; this statement is written on every packet of cigarettes with a picture of cancerous part of the body, but rather than getting afraid of the consequences, they consume these slow poisons with quite relish, and the manufacturers do not even feel guilty or repentant and think they have done enough by making a picture of mouth cancer on the packet as they think that they can not do anything else. Rather than eradicating smoking among the young generation which matters most to us unlike old people, education and rehabilitation is necessary for all regardless of age.
Even manufacturers have hired some men for marketing and selling their brands to new customers. They ask for teens’ mobile numbers to make them customers and teens happily do so. They, then, persuade and coax the customers to smoke once. This is how a web of addiction ultimately starts chronic issues to our health.

Types of smoking materials

* Cigarettes
* Light and menthol cigarettes
* Cigars and pipes
* Hookahs
* Bidis and clove cigarettes
* e-cigarettes
Smoking disadvantages’ diversity is well-known, so, traditionally, I would write its negative effects on health.

Negative Effects

There are countless health, moral, ethical, psych effects of smoking; few are listed below.
1. Vision problems
Smoking cigarettes can increase the risk of eye problems like cataracts and macular degeneration which is more prevalent in aged people.
Other sight problems related to smoking are glaucoma, dry eyes, diabetic retinopathy.
2. Bad oral hygiene
People who smoke regularly, have two-fold risk of gum disease. This risk ascends with the number of cigarettes a person consumes per day.
Symptoms of gum disease include swollen and sore gums, bleeding while brushing, sensitive teeth, and loss of teeth. Moreover, taste and smell receptors become insensitive to respective stimuli.
3. Hair and Skin Issues
Smoking affects both hair and skin in the long run. Chain smoking tend to produce wrinkles on skin and causes aging. They also have a greater risk of skin cancer, lip cancer is more often prevalent.
Smoking can make the hair and skin disgusting smell of tobacco. It can also lead to hair loss and balding.
4. Probability of Cancer
Cancer is actually the lump or mass of uncontrolled dividing cells having no particular function.
Smoking not only causes lung cancer but also other types of the disease. Cigarettes can also increase the likelihood of esophageal cancer, stomach cancer, pancreatic cancer,cervical cancer, colon cancer and acute myeloid leukemia, Bladder cancer, throat cancer, laryngeal cancer and most importantly mouth cancer.
5. Lungs Damage
Smoking cigarettes sabotage lung health because a person breathes in not only nicotine but also a variety of additional chemicals.
Cigarettes are responsible for an exponential increase in the risk of developing lung cancer.
The CDC (Centre for disease control and prevention) reports that estimated 90 percent of lung cancer deaths are linked to smoking.
Cigarettes may also lead to developing emphysema, chronic bronchitis and asthma.
6. Heart complications
Nicotine in tobacco cigarettes constricts the blood vessels and thus hindering the blood supply to different organs. Smoking cigarettes can affect the circulatory system badly, which includes heart and blood vessels.
Smoking or vaping make the blood vessels and the muscle of the heart(cardiac muscle) stiff and rigid which is also a symptom of old age.
The chemicals like tar in most of the cigarettes can be cumulative to the risk of atherosclerosis, which is the buildup of plaque in the blood vessels. This plaque can be of fats and cholesterol. This buildup obstructs blood flow and can cause dangerous blockages.
7. Fertility & pregnancy problems
Smoking cigarettes can have adverse effects on a female’s reproductive system. As the drugs or chemicals in cigarettes and cigars mostly contain nicotine, which has a detrimental effect on pregnancy of a mother. This addiction can cause pregnant women endocrine glands to affect the production and stimulation of neurotrophic hormones which can lead to abnormalities in newborn babies like cognitive disability. Women can also face infertility at first because tobacco and the other chemicals like nicotine in cigarettes affect hormone levels badly due to its mimic effect.
According to the CDC, smoking can defect pregnancy and the developing fetus in many possible ways like physical abnormalities in the fetus like weight, cleft palate, brain, CNS, etc.
In males, the more cigarettes consumed, the greater the risk of erectile dysfunction. Smoking can also affect the quality and quantity of the sperm and, therefore, reduce fertilization ability.
8. Weakened Immune System
Smoking weakens Immune System due to many reasons mainly by hindering the blood supply to the body.
Our Immune system helps us fight against bacteria and viruses which are vital for our survival. It is the ingenious protection of your body. But nicotine, the main constituent in cigarettes suppresses the immune system.
Our lungs also have immunal responses for the protection of the body from several conditions like flu, cough etc.
Lungs have hair like cilia which move back and forth and help in getting rid of excess mucus.
Coughing, in an infection, helps the body to clear out excess mucus, it is called mucociliary escalator, hence quitting smoking can decrease the chronic inflammation of lungs tissues and hence the immune system upholds.
As Covid-19 is the current pandemic, prevention from it demands a strong Immune system which is only possible by a healthy lifestyle including a healthy diet. Smoking is indeed bad for the immune system.
Qasim Imam
Qasim Imam
Writes about Science and Holisitc Health
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