Seven (7) Ways to Boost Brain Power

Seven (7) Ways to Boost Brain Power

by Shahid Saleem Butt

This is the age of information and digital knowledge supremacy over all other things.

This is the time when every imagination is either taking the shape of reality or, at least, that of augmented reality.

This is the age of Artificial Intelligence.

Here we are to embody all of our dreams into a specific tailor-made shape.


Here are seven major ways to boost brain power.


  1. Workouts

Proper exercise and weekly workout plans can boost your memory and learning capabilities.

Brain workouts and brain teasers can help improve memory retention power.

Tailor-made brain workouts can improve your learning and discerning abilities.

Regular workouts mean a stress-free routine life.


  1. Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness exercises, by using your favorite Yoga or meditation workouts, can improve consciousness and awareness about the real ‘life’ and the real ‘being’ in you.

Mindful exercises keep your mind open to new realities and the universal consciousness that prevails over all other things.

Mindfulness tends to improve your focus, concentration and Active Learning Time.

Mindfulness exercises improve decision-making skills in your subconscious mind.

It helps you to do crisis management with calm mind.

It helps you to work serenely when you are under intense pressure.


  1. Challenge the Brain

Keep your brain open for innovations, new ideas and imaginative thoughts.

Brain teasers like puzzles, IQ tests, crossword puzzles, riddles or the process of learning a new language can help to open up new dimensions in your mind.

Go for challenging tasks instead of easy-to-do tasks.

Try learning a new skill and keep it learning until you have command over it.

  1. Do What Appears to be the Hardest

Make a Things-to-do list in mind by associating each task of the list to a mental picture. Try remembering and ticking the completed tasks orally.

Play the most difficult stage of a video game again and again until you have command over it, of course, within a realistically reachable and targeted time.

Read, view or watch a piece of art, literature or architecture and try to find new meaning, innovation or mystery in it.


  1. Sleep Well

Sleep well, at least for 6 to 7 hours, to stay fresh and full of bodily, mental and spiritual energies.


  1. Practice Reverse Engineering of Thoughts

Think of an incident that actually happened and now think of it step-by-step in the reverse order.

Think of a dream in the reverse order.

Visualize an invention, step-by-step, in the reverse order.

Visualize a historical outcome in the reverse chronological order.

Solve a problem in the reverse algorithmic order.

Solve a sum in the reverse algorithmic order.

Regular practice will make a routine or sub-routine in your Subconscious Mind to resolve these issues and your mind will become more conscious, active and highly invigorative.


  1. Eat Nutritious and Energy Organic Food

Human brain alone consists of 86 billion neurons that need energy to carry messages in the form of electrical impulses.

Brain consumes around 20 to 25 percent of total energy that your body requires for daily use. It may be curious for some people but it is true.

This energy has to be there even if you are not doing a bodily work.

It means, your brain needs food for its proper working.

You have to ensure the presence of required calories as per your bodily needs and BMI (Body Mass Index).

Consume moderate amount of water to keep your body and brain hydrated; this is because a hydrated brain would be more prone to positivity and prompt action.

Fresh and organic foods, vegetables, fruits and nuts, brought from foreign soils, can turn your food bites into super bites.  

Make use of the above seven ways to boost your brain power and to be the leader of the common lot.


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