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Right Way to Overpower Wife

Right Way to Overpower Wife (Humor and Fun Series)

Right Way to Overpower Wife (Humor and Fun Series)

On marriage day, husband was sitting among his friends who were telling him ways to control his wife from the very first day.

“We will send a cat in your room and you will have to turn it out of the room thrice to impress your wife”, they advised him.

Husband agreed and went in.

Friends threw a cat in the room through an opening.

Husband shouted at the cat and it ran out.

After five minutes, friends pushed the cat again in the room.

This time, he threw his pillow at the cat and looked at his wife in a victorious way as the cat went out again.

At this, he said loudly, “I can’t tolerate any disturbance”.

Friends pushed the cat in for the third time.

This time, wife opened her purse, took out her loaded pistol and fired at the cat and said furiously, “This is the right way to handle nasty ones; go and throw it out”.

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