Recruiting vs Staff

Recruiting vs Staff

When Palhu died, he was taken before an angel.

The angel said, “We have weighed and counted your goods and sins and they are equal. The authorities have decided to give you a choice of either going to heaven or hell?”

Palhu got pleased and said, “Can you please allow me to visit each place so that it becomes easy for me to take the right decision.”

The angel agreed and allowed him to visit hell first for two hours.

Devil welcomed him in a sophisticated manner and treated him just like a prince.

He saw a capacious and airy building where all people were working in good environment.

He saw many of his friends and colleagues who greeted him warmly, talked about the world and took him to various places where he enjoyed a lot and, in the end, they offered him a red-colored delicious juice.

He got back to the angel after two hours.

Now was the time for his stay in paradise for two hours.

He was taken there and he saw beautiful buildings, fruits, free-of-cost eatables and unfamiliar beautiful faces. Although everything was good but he felt bored without his friends there.

After the specified 2 hours stay, he got back to the angel.

Depending on whatever he had experienced, he asked the angel to take him to hell.

When he got back to hell, and saw his friends and colleagues who were screaming and smothered in mud, dirt and fire.

He went back to the devil who was now a scary figure and asked the reason to which the latter replied, “When you came here first for two hours, we were recruiting you but now you are our staff and they are workers.”

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