Power Up for Slim Body and Muscles with Power Yoga

Power Up for Slim Body and Muscles with Power Yoga

The Indian origin Yoga of different kinds is termed as “Power yoga” in the USA and the west.

This exercise contains more vigorous versions of the asana yoga exercises.

It is there to impart to the practitioners with the best possible and the mostly available yoga exercises.

You may adopt and set or any routine of power yoga exercises to attain almost the same results as you attain them from other workouts.

Larry Schultz and Beryl Bender Birch

Pattabhi Jois initiated to Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga while two pupils of Jois are considered to have initiated “Power yoga” in the west; the names of the two being Larry Schultz and Beryl Bender Birch.

The mild and gentle asana exercises have been replaced by the spirited and energetic exercises.

The two have contributed a lot in promoting yoga in terms of power yoga; Beryl Bender Birch has written many books for the purpose.


Let it be clear in your mind that the yoga exercises may be problematic and hurting in the beginning.

The body postures in the gymnast styles are not the work of a common man but still if you want to get to the same results then the injuries may be there at the initial stages.

The common man’s backbone or the other bone joints are not that supple and flexible as are required by a yoga practitioner, so it’s a common thing to move from mild to vigorous exercises.

No Matter If You Have Started It Now

Power yoga is the workout that requires flexibility at least to some extent in the body so it will be a mind blowing idea to start it, though not necessary, from the beginning that is from the childhood.

The idea is based on the fact that a child’s body can easily be molded and adapted to any workout plan.

Power Yoga for Slim Bodies and Muscles

Power yoga is often thought to be designed for the slim bodies.

Well, this is not the case as it has now various intense workouts that enable you to accumulate mass over your muscles.

The fat loss situation can easily be attained through the yoga or the power yoga exercises.

Yoga may also be used for 6 pack abs and the ripped abs muscles.

The whole thing depends on your concentration and the determination.

The more you rely on the exercises prescribed by power yoga teachers the better would the results.

It may not be equal to the weight training workout results but still the results that it gives are of great quality.

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