Most Popular Types of Massage Therapy

Most Popular Types of Massage Therapy

People use numerous types of most popular types of massage therapy, so that, to cure different ailments and to give relaxation to their body muscles. The local day spa offers a lot of options for the massage of your body. There are a lot of options that you get when you opt for this kind of massage.

Acupressure Massage

It is useful for people who believe in the Chinese way of treating their body ailments. This massage is actually something that relates to the healing points where an expert massager puts pressure with his hands and the body gets relief from the ailment or pain. The method does not use the acupuncture method where needles are used to puncture body.

Aromatherapy massage

It is another way of healing your body of different ailments. It uses scent during the massage work to make your body get the maximum benefit from the massage. It is just like the Deep Tissue or standard Swedish massage. The massager uses oils, incense and candles to provide the body with more healing and healthful feeling that specific scents can provide. Chamomile scent may also be used to provide relaxation to the body.

Hot Stone Massage

Another type of massage is Hot Stone Massage. It is also used for the deep body tissues. Here, the massager warms up stones to a comfortable level, and then applies them to those parts of body where the patient is feeling pain. The stones produce a heat that comforts the deeper body muscles. The stones are removed when they are cooled down. This way, the individual feels relieved at the application of the hot stones.

Chair massage

It is a special kind of massage that involves the requirement of a chair. The individual sits in a chair with the whole body covered. The massage is particularly directed towards the treatment of neck, back, shoulders, limbs and head. It may be taken in open areas like mall, park, etc.

A Four Handed Massage

It is better than a two handed massage as the former consists of two massagers who are trying to sooth your body. Here, two massage therapists work simultaneously and may also combine another type of massage with this one. The massager may decide to combine aromatherapy with this massage.

Deep Tissue Massage

Another type of massage that you may use is the deep tissue massage. The massagers and the day spas offer this type of massage to people. It is just like the Swedish massage, and it affects the deeper muscles of body. It is specifically used for these body parts where a person is feeling pain.
You may use the above mentioned Most Popular Types of Massage Therapy related massages to get rid of tense muscles.
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