Moonlight in June – An English Poem by Sidra Noor

Poem:”Moonlight in June “

Poetess: Sidrah asghar #SSNoor

As Moonlight in my illusions Smiles  ,
A month of June sprinkle with light’s…

In Dreamland ;Where spirit glorifies,
I can write a beautiful Story line..

Perhaps in vain I look, in vain uplift,
My eyes to heaven as I’m truly blind …

How can I start to be mesmerised?
Feeling beyond the Scones of nights…

Actually It will not hurt ,when I am old,
A running tide where moonlight burnt …

Things that I remember Like e vivid day, Mysteriously, Shine in June’s rhymes…

June is a Time for song and love ,
And Time to be together as butterflies….

Recall the kiss of night, betrayed in dew, yet lingers on the leaves filled with light…

Once filled with love more behind me ,
Left me now, so hardened with delight ….

As a tune,June jumps on Stairs ,
Feeling like a kid sing before Sights…

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