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Me inside me

Where do I exist inside me?

Where am I in reality?

Do I exist?

How to find ‘me’ in me?

I don’t know why but the question always strikes me as a big and tremendous blow demanding its answer; the question is,

“Where do I exist inside my physical existence?”

I have asked many but nobody could respond exactly and in a way to make things clearer. Although interpretations and beliefs are there but where do I live or stand when I am alive?

Where was I before birth?

Where will I be after death?

Do I exist?

Of course, I do exist. I have belief in Holy Scriptures, all Holy Books, Holy Prophets (Peace be Upon Them) and God. I do exist now, I existed before birth and I will exist even after death.

So, the question is still there: where am I in reality in real-time?

Let me search the whole of my body, vein by vein, arteries, each capillary, the body organs, eyes, brain, heart , aura and each accessible and known part in, around or in connection to me to find myself but every time I return from my visualization to reality without reaching anywhere. The question remains there and stands before me like a big cliché.

I have tried to explore some ways to find myself in me; here they are: (No drugs, eh!)

  1. Dream (any type of dream from dozing to deep sleep) is a way to find myself.
  2. Meditation, especially, while sitting on bare ground which I call grounding meditation, is another way to find myself.
  3. Visualizing myself to be at one place inside the body and, then, trying to feel my presence at that particular place.
  4. As I am somebody who belongs to somewhere else and who came from paradise (recall Fall of Adam), so, I connect myself to a distant unknown location to fine tune the links of my existence.
  5. Find myself in the number seven (7) and my exact link and relation with this number or in relation to it.
  6. Let go of all negativities around me, free all my energies from grudge, hate, lust, pride and all other negative feelings to reach a place where all my energies amalgamate and join hands to reach a situation where there is nothing else than my body and soul; YES, I am somewhere over there.
  7. Dreams when seen through insightful eye and with a grip on the events and a conscious feeling; moving in dreams is the place where I exist, but I am unable to bring all those feelings to the real world and let the people around me know about them.
  8. I tried poetry and I found myself everywhere and yet I had mixed feelings. But when I was right in the middle of poetic creation, child birth or highest point of rightful sensual delight, I found traces of myself.

Once we are bent upon doing this miracle, we will do it as you are unique.

Give your comments and ideas please so as to reach an agreeable solution to the issue.

Where do I exist inside me?

What is the philosophy of me?

Who am I?

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