Make Plans To Win; No Matter You (Apparently) ‘Lose’

By Shahid Saleem Butt
Make Plans To Win; No Matter You (Apparently) ‘Lose’
There are some things that are written in your fate and you are destined to do them all and, at the same time, there are some other things that are left on your choice; you have to choose them.
Whenever you make plans to reach a target, you have to make more than one plans to reach the same target or, at least, the target of equivalent magnitude and effect.
You may call them plan A, plan B and plan C, etc.
Suppose, you plan to get citizenship or immigration of a foreign country A and you need US$ 500,000 for the purpose; you have to make different plans to reach the same target. For instance, your plans may be like:
Plan A: I will sell my property worth the required amount, apply for the citizenship and get it.
Plan B: I don’t have much property, so, I will lend the required money from my friends and relatives.
Plan C: I will go to the country A on visit visa or education visa, settle there for as many months (by getting extensions) as they legally allow; settle and earn from there and then continue extending my visa there until I collect considerable amount to move forward towards my original object of citizenship or immigration.
Plan D: I will apply for loan from banks and will get it somehow.
Plan E: I will arrange US$ 1,000 to 2,000 and go to gulf or other easy destinations first, stay there for two to four years, collect US$ 30,000+ and then apply for professional visa in order to move to my ultimate destination country A.
So, the planning may continue.
But if it is not in my fate to travel to country A, how can I do that? What should I do now?
Should I make the same type of planning for another country B having the same economic status or I should plan to go to country C having lower economy than that of the countries A and B; or I should also keep myself strengthening educationally, technically, morally, mentally and economically so that my fortune and status continue getting raised all the time.
We can think of winning only if we are given a choice of winning or losing, if not, how can we?
Continue Your Action
So, keep in mind; we have to continue action towards goal. If our plans are unsuccessful in the beginning, we should not lose heart and at the same time, we should continue strengthening ourselves educationally, technically, morally, mentally and economically so as to make our footing sounder and sounder no matter where we are right now.
This way, the end will be awesome either we win or lose as we will stand at a much higher status educationally, technically, morally, mentally and economically at that blessed moment.
One more thing, when something regarding destiny is related to variable range, we should always wait for some chance as bonus(es), if it comes, we should mentally be ready to catch it without any delay and without losing any control over positivity, integrity and conscience.
Get Higher Fortune-Ranges by Loving Others and Including Them in Your Destiny
Increase your chances of availing higher destiny ranges by loving others and by including other creatures in your destiny.
For instance, arrange some automatic way of providing food and water to either birds above your house-top or for passing-by stray animals outside.
You may also devise the same type of automatic way of helping the needy so that people, satisfying specific criteria, should come and automatically get their desired things and go away without any record keeping on our part.
The method should be automatic (and transparent) and without any discrimination around.
This way, unintelligibly, we stick the fates, destinies, fortunes and lucks of others with ours; and chances of success (to get the object), in this case, reach to the optimum level.
Never Look Down Upon Others’
If you watch a person earning his living maliciously (using foul ways), do not start defaming him in the privacy of your family or in public.
There is a very thin line on which your character is going; if you create hate among people of your influence about that person, you are actually creating hate for that person; avoid it: ‘hate begets hate’ as Shakespeare talked about it.
Your hate for others will stay in the universe until it returns right at your face sooner or later.
If you do not like some act of the person, discuss it as an instance without mentioning the name of anybody. You are human, don’t try to pose yourself like god; being human, you can keep a specific instance in mind to keep yourself and the people of your influence away from that wrong act, that’s all.
But if you chose to punish that person through your hate, you are minimizing your chances of getting your desired object as hate, being a negative character, will negate many goods from your destiny, fortune and luck.
Although if you are in a position to complain against that wrong-doer, go for it; and if you can stop him, do it.
Get Prays – Either Selfless or Motivated Through Your Good Deeds
Find ways to get more and more prays in your favor as they make it sure that all unseen and mysterious odds and obstacles get away from your fortune and you attain either the object itself, something higher, or at least tranquility and calmness that is equivalent to your original object.
Prays from Heart Can Boost Your Fortune
Parents can provide you with selfless and heart-driven prays. You may help and assist the life and living things around you to motivate them for prays that come straight from hearts.
This will bring real-time boost in your attainment of the object but if the object is not written in your destiny, you will get equal or even more satisfaction from these prays.

Remember, you are not born to lose and you must live to win.

And, sometimes, when your prayers seem not to be working, they are still there; either they tend to polish and refine yours’ and society’s skills or to make them realize about something really big and heinous through seemingly negative incidents of very small magnitude.


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  1. i find this article so helpful and motivational It cleared my doubts regarding approaches of planning and execution. Secrets of success are well summarized in it.

  2. Thanks for the comments .
    success is not what we normally see in terms of apparent money, wealth, property, power and son, it is rather multi-dimensional just like man himself who is not simply a body but a soul inside it along with many other multi-pronged ideas in his mind..

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