Indian Meditation Process and Meditation Techniques 

Indian Meditation Process and Meditation Techniques 

The meditation techniques in India are so many that it becomes difficult for the practitioners to follow them. The people around the globe may turn their attention to one technique or the other according to their own capabilities and liking. Things become easier for them when they have turned their attention towards these very things. Various famous teachers, in India, are there who have been practicing their different techniques in videos and lectures.
Meditation process brings relief, calmness, serenity and peace of mind to the practitioner. The people may make use of different meditation techniques from yoga or Ayurveda. Some of the yoga techniques are as follows:
  1. Janna Yoga: This way of meditation relates to the logical, rational, and truth-oriented beliefs. The inquisitive minded people take recourse to this type of meditation.

  2. Karma Yoga: The mental stability and purification is the end result of this yoga.

  3. Raja Yoga: The concentration on a certain thing is focused by the practitioner and he follows certain moral values.

Thus, the yoga ways are many and different teachers have evolved their own ways of doing the things. The real positive thing comes when the practicing people get the reward of these practices by having a calm and satisfied mind. Just like yoga, the Ayurvedic way of treatment also offers the purification of mind through meditation. The meditation is to surrender one’s own self to the behest of the superior authority, that is, God. Belief in the presence of the highest authority or God is a must in Indian meditation.
The meditation process needs great ability of a human to detach himself from the worldly matters by focusing his attention at certain things like the tip of his nose, the waves of the sea, movement of the clouds,  the repetition of a certain mantra, the focus on a certain thought and so on. This focusing on a certain thing will give the follower a great wisdom and true knowledge of the world and its past, present and future events. The realities of nature will get revealed to him and he will be able to talk logically and make prophecies about the future based on the very knowledge gained through those meditations. The mediation process may be triggered through anything like a thought, a song, the recalling of an event, etc. and the positive effects will be great at the practitioners.
The meditation process involves the belief of a person that man existed in the form of a soul even before his arrival in this world. The physical and metaphysical are here amalgamated and the corporeal frame of man is just to give him a new shape, otherwise, he co-existed with nature and will again co-exist with the same nature when he dies. This belief is basic to the Indian meditation. People who want to practice this form of meditation have to come in liaison with their souls so that to understand the truth and the reality of this world. The meditation process brings man closer to nature and he becomes a part of it during the meditation by forgetting everything about the world, at least, for the time being.
The meditation does not only belong to the Hindu religion, it has its traces in Judaism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Islam, etc. The most ancient traces of the meditation are to be found in the Hinduism. All the religions have their own modes of mediation and all have almost the same object of the peace of mind and creating a relationship with God. The meditation process for them may be different but the object leads them to the mental calmness and serenity.
Meditation has a lot many advantages and these perks include the purification of the mind and soul, the recognition of one’s inner self, the understanding of the realities of the world, direct contact with nature and its objects, the acceptance of the reality that man is not alone and is a part of the reality, that is, nature.  Meditation fully detaches man from the worldly things and he is able to establish a direct relation with nature or God and starts getting the crux of all knowledge that is basic to the human souls.

Osho says,

“You want a love which is born out of meditation, not born out of the mind.”
The spiritual teachings say that the meditation in the state of the presence of mind is not that much important as is the meditation when you are in a state of no-mind.  The mind is the very abode of your meditation while the same place is not necessary for the true meditation; this is the irony of situation but true meditation comes with no-mind.
The meditation practitioners are always trying to find out techniques that are better than others. Out of thousands of such techniques, you may select the one that best suits your environment, body and mind and then apply it for meditation purposes; you are sure to get the positive results and will get a serene and calm mind due to it. The will-power, concentration, determination and focus are the very keys to success.  Unless you focus on your meditation goal, you would not be able to attain the positive results.
When you meditate, you suddenly come to know that there is a world away from your thoughts and this world becomes a source of inspiration for you.  You get better at your mental capabilities and the ultimate object of life is achieved, that is, to live with your soul. The silence, quietness and calmness, there, will make you blissful and get delighted.
The people may get in touch with any teacher or meditation center that allows them to learn the ways of the Indian meditation as this is the very meditation that will lead them to purify them and purge their souls. This reality of life will be a great asset for them and they will attain the reality through their practice. The interested people may also contact some online website or the online training personnel for this purpose. to use Indian Meditation Process and Meditation Techniques. 
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