I’m Just Getting Older!

I’m just getting Older!

Don’t worry, I’m just getting Older!
It’s life’s hanging, I don’t  want…

Silence, keep it in yours mind !
We forget, how beautiful the world is…

What’s most powerful thing in the world!
Listen ,When we have each other…

Yet ,I fall suddenly in the midnight!
Come  soon, as we have everything…

Think ,If you lose all yours wealth ,
What would happened to this life…

What a World’d be without honeybee!
Just The wind rustled through tree…

As nature can see dawn and dusk !
I think we should fall in love daily …

Perhaps ,I ‘m losing myself But !
Love is not what you say, it’s what you do

Actually I saw the sweet breathe of life !
I gave my cheek to its sweet caress…

Remember,As you grow not cloudy ,
But Cultivate a good heart in your life…

Written by:
Sidrah asghar

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