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I Always drink Water in my Room

I Always drink Water in my Room

Mental asylum’s doctor was ready to free the cured people from the asylum.

He called one of his assistants so as to show him how he finds the cured ones.

He organized a test for the cured ones.

Ten crazy persons were called for the test one by one and each was told to empty a bathtub with a mug while the tap on tub was still running.

Each crazy person was given 5 minutes. Nine persons tried to vacate the bathtub by filling mug and pouring it in the flush but failed.

When it came to the tenth crazy person, he came forward and closed the tap.

The doctor detained the nine crazy persons for one more year and released the tenth person.

Doctor’s assistant was curious about it, so, he followed the crazy person and asked him outside the mental asylum, “Why did you close the tap?”

Crazy: I am dead sure they drank all the water from the bathtub as they are used to it. I closed the tap as I always drink water through my room’s tap.

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