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Hyperloop vs Government Employee (Humor and Fun)

Hyperloop vs Government Employee

Two friends, one from America and the other from Pakistan, were arguing about the powers of their respective fathers.

“My father is so much clever and powerful, he would take an aim at a 2000 miles apart target, fires a missile at it, sits in Hyperloop Transport Technology, moves towards target and reaches target just before the missile does so”, told the American boy proudly.

“This is nothing. My father is a government employee. His office closes at 5 pm but he reaches home at 3 pm on his bike (two hours before)”, Pakistani student bragged.

“Unbelievable! Which technology is used in this bike?”, the American boy was surprised to hear this and asked, “Is it a type of time machine?”

 “This is the power that an employee gets by default once he gets a government job”, Pakistani told with fervor.


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