How will I get my real love?

By Shahid Saleem Butt

Question: How will I get my real love?

Take Love in a much larger and the vastest possible perspective and think of different feelings and emotions to be only small parts and chunks that are its accessories only and not the necessary things; the only mandatory thing being love.
Consider of true love to be literally true and take it on the level that is even beyond your imagination and all known physical.
Love is so vast, it cannot be comprehended by the available senses and requires you to go metaphysical to get only an idea about it. True love, at its last stage, takes you close to God Himself.
Preliminary requirement and the best option for you to attain true love is to make sure that you remain in touch with your dear ones, loved ones and friends.
Presently, things may appear to be difficult but they become far easier slowly but steadily when you exhibit locust of control on soul, mind, brain and heart and neither go for negative comparisons nor associate desires with love.
The crux of the matter is: have an easy approach to love by seeking just love, sheer love and not its accessories, to which most of the people are distracted.
Note: This love may be for any living or non-living thing, creature, human or even God.
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