How to Reduce Cellulite on Arms and Thighs with Exercise

How to Reduce Cellulite on Arms and Thighs with Exercise

The Cellulite Reduction Solution

What is cellulite? Fat, found in the human body, is of many kinds. You cannot get rid of it easily. You should rather have a specific plan that may consist of specific diets, exercise plans, and the like.
We see appearance of cellulite in the form of fat that is harder than the normal fat. It requires cardio and weight training exercises to dissolve it.
Wayne Westcott, Ph.D., an author of the book “No More Cellulite”, has devised a strategy for the treatment for cellulite in human body. According to him strength building (5 workouts for upper part and 5 for lower part of body) exercises for 20 minutes, and treadmill walking for 20 minutes at 70-80% MHR. This exercise plan may be continued for 3 days. It will prove beneficial for disposing of cellulite in a natural way.

How to reduce cellulite with exercise?

Westcott’s started an 8 weeks research program, where the participants were able to lose one pound of weight every week. They lost 10 pounds at the end 2 months. The participants lost double weight when they got a diet that consisted of food pyramid of 1600, 2200, and 2800 calories. Without the food pyramid, they lost 4.5 pounds, while with it, they lost 9.1 pounds.
Westcott conducted another research, and 72 people participated in this study. These people took exercise for 30 minutes for 8 weeks. One group of these people took aerobic exercise (cycling) along with strength workouts for 15 minutes. They lost 10 pounds, but gained muscles by 2 pounds. The second group of these people took exercise (cycling) for 30 minutes. They lost fat by 4 pounds only, and added no muscles. The people included in the first group got better form of body while those belonging to the second group also lost fat.

Exercises for cellulite reduction

There are many exercise plans that you may adopt after consultation with your doctor. You may also get help from trainers in gyms. The trainer will tell you the proper ways of the usage of machines. Some of the exercises that you can do may include leg press, leg curls, overhead press, dumbbell squat practice, elastic bands, and so on.
You must remember that the cellulite reduction results cannot be obtained overnight. You have to keep in mind that cellulite reduction requires harder exercise plans that have been combined with different cardio workouts and diet plans.
The diet plans may be devised with the help of a well-practiced dietician, and knowledgeable trainer can help you in getting relief from the high deposits of cellulite for your body. This is as how to reduce cellulite on arms and thighs with exercise.
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