How to Find My Purpose of Life and Get Glorified

By Shahid Saleem Butt

How to Find My Purpose of Life and Get Glorified

When I intend to do something or to resolve some problem of life, I have to ensure that I have understood each and every aspect of the issue, otherwise, how can I expect even to think about the resolution of the problem.

Recognize yourself, diagnose your object of life, recognize God, and then you will face no problem in understanding the real truth, the beauty that lies hidden from common eyes.

As I have discussed earlier, our body is made up of one type of matter and energy and our soul is made of dissimilar matter and energy.

Same is the case with God Who is above all the matter and energy that we can perceive. Likewise, angels may also be made up of yet another material and energy.

To understand the existence of angels and God, we have to perceive them differently, I mean, through the use of our soul which is made up of the material that can get linked with normally unperceivable existing objects of the world.

Understand the Existence of Different Matters and Energies

One way, the straight way, to have link with God is through your self-recognition and it is as easy as 1, 2, 3, if you perfectly believe in Him with truth and honesty surrounding each and every limb of yours and employ all faculties of body, mind and soul to attain your supreme object of finding Him.

Human body is made up of matter1 or energy1 (which we can perceive with our senses) whereas soul is made up of matter2 or energy2 (which we cannot perceive through our five senses).

Body possesses the capability to resolve the issues relating to matter1 and/or energy1.

Soul possesses the capability to resolve the issues relating to matter2 and/or energy2 and, sometimes, even of matter1 and/or energy1.

Angels may be made up of matter2 or energy2 or of yet another matter and/or energy (matter3/energy3), but the human soul has the capability to get contacted with angels who may be made up of the same matter or energy as is our soul or a different one, but the point of interest is that it has the capability of contacting other creatures that are normally unperceivable through our five senses.

Whenever we intend to contact the imperceptible (by any human means) objects of the world, the only way left is to contact them through our soul.

So, first of all, find (or, at least, try to locate) your soul inside your body, your object of life and your real self; only then you can expect to find your real object; otherwise, you will keep straying and roaming and beating about the bush with always hankering after the bodily needs, which everyone knows, are bound to vanish one day or the other along with body.

You have to know what an illusion is in the long run: body or soul.

Feel Your Soul

Sit down calmly, feel the existence of your soul (that is just connected to your body and, may or may not reside in any part of your body) without attributing its abode to any organ. Before all this, release your mind of all negativity (at least, for the time being) even if you are stuck up to the neck in it.

Be truthful, honest and kind to all life in the universe/multiverse and forgive all for all their known or unknown mischiefs and witness what miracles will be unleashed to your soul, and through soul to your mind, and through mind to your body which, in turn, will be as light and calm as the soul itself.

Method of Finding Purpose of Life

Your destiny, fate and luck are part of the overall destiny, luck and fate of the whole scenario around you with all matter and energy related to your bodily needs. So, ponder and consider your soul’s situation and attach yourself to the objects made up of different energies and matters while staying in this world and be glorified.

As God has already told us, piety is the only thing that can raise our status before Him, so we should go for it.

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