How to do Yoga Meditation at Home for Beginners

How to do Yoga Meditation at Home for Beginners

Yoga meditation is quite a simple way of doing the exercises without the involvement of any equipment or diet at all.  

Simply, you have to determine as to do the exercise at a particular time and for a particular interval of time.

The best time for the yoga meditation may be the morning before breakfast.  

Meditation is just like contemplation, thinking, reflection, pondering, etc.

Meditation for All Religions

The yoga meditation dates back to the thousands of years even before Christ era. Buddha is said to be doing the same contemplation during his life time.

The meditations or of several types and may be accomplished in one way or the other.

The practitioners of all religions may make use of yoga meditation in their exercises as yoga is an exercise and not a religion.

The non-believers in the highest Authority or God may also meditate the same way only with a little bit of difference.

Yoga meditation can be performed by keeping in mid the following tips:

  1. A calm, silent and hushed place is required for the purpose of yoga meditation. If you are unable to find such a place in this city humdrum life, you may take control of your senses and assume that you are at such a place.
  2. Assume any sitting posture or asana from the yoga exercises for the purpose. This will allow you to have calmness in sitting without any stress.
  3. You have to sit in this posture without moving or budging from the place for, at least, 15 minutes with you eyes closed for the moment.
  4. Think of some Holy service related to your religion and start reading it with your eyes closed and lips and tongue not moving or vibrating. (Read the service or verses in your heart).
  5. Breathing during the meditation requires to be, but, natural. The inhaling and exhaling should be just in the natural way.
  6. Stick to a single thought; the thought that is the crux of your religion or the thought that has made you spellbound. Distraction is not allowed.
  7. Be calm, soothe and serene to the environment around. The only thing you have to concentrate now is the yoga meditation and that’s all while the rest is meaningless to you.
  8. You are to meditate in such a way that you are able to connect yourself to the superior Authority sooner or later. The best possible thing in this connection is to go for the prayer during this session. It’s up to you what you do but one thing must be kept in mind your mind should stick to the same idea.

The yoga meditation, thus, goes a long way to let you do your meditation in a way that the calmness and serenity of mind are your outputs in this connection.

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