How to Control Yourself, Your Anger or Overpower Addiction?

How to attain Extreme happiness and extreme level of Honor?

How to Control Yourself, Your Anger or Overpower Addiction?
by Shahid Saleem Butt
(Motivated by random eminent books like ‘The Power of Self discipline), no excuses, Face-Off, Search for Origin, Pragmatic Approach to Fate and Professor Michio Kaku) 
  1. Attain Extreme Happiness
  2. Eradicate Anger
  3. Blaming Leads to Madness
  4. Eradicate Negative-Addiction
  5. Mind can Hold One Thought at a Time
  6. How to Control ‘the real You’ in You?
  7. Bring your body, mind and soul in alignment with All Pervading Soul
  8. Learn directly from All Pervading Soul
Being a human being or the son of Adam,
“Your Ultimate Hidden Desire is Extreme Happiness leading to Extreme Level of Honor”.
Every person wants to go ahead in life with the sole purpose of becoming happy and this leads him mainly to have honor; the two things he had when he was in paradise.
Then come the ways of attaining these abstract things through material things like property, money, women, business, cars, showy things, so-called friends and so on.
Soul and Body
You have to remember that happiness and honor are abstract and non-matter; your soul is also from entirely different unknown energy. But, as your actions relate to your body which is known material, so, you want to attain happiness and honor through known materials which may often lead you towards the shortcuts that don’t involve your soul in the process.
Let me explain it further from another angle: if you exert your body, mind and soul to attain something by taking, at least minimum educated or calculated time through top-notch gadgets to attain the results as per the latest discoveries until you devise a novel jugaad (indigenous innovation), you are on the right path and in the right direction but using shortcuts which do not involve the minimum educated time your soul needs to collaborate with, you are bound to distract and lose the way to ultimate happiness and extreme honor which was your initial desire.
Blaming Leads to Madness
Blaming leads either to anger or to the justification of wrong actions and, later on, to madness.
It is easy to blame others for one reason or the other if some misfortune occurs to you but this is not positive at all; neither for you nor for others and not at all for the universe,  where you happen to live in, as a whole.
Blaming others ultimately leads you towards anger as a necessary outcome, so, better to stop blaming others and make efforts to develop a positive thinking in your mind instead.
Blaming may also, sometimes, lead to insanity or, at least, an illogical and bizarre behavior at everything you see or do.
Same is true if you want to attain something really big in life. In this situation, your attitude must, again, be positive and you must also be in full control of your conscious and subconscious mind.
Mind can Hold One Thought at a Time
As a rule, the capacity that your mind has, is to hold single thought or emotion at a time. So, if you feel that some negative emotion, like anger, dishonesty, drug abuse, corruption, falsehood or rape, has overcome your mind, start saying the words from one of the following set of sentences which are also an answer to the question:
How to Control ‘the real You’ in You?
  1. “God is All Seeing and All Hearing” or
  2. “Al-Sami, Al-Basir” or
  3. “I am good” or
  4. “I am sensible” or
  5. “I am responsible”.
Once you utter one of the above sentences/words from the core of your heart or with full consciousness, they will tend to knock at your subconscious mind; and once they reach your subconscious mind, changes will start occurring in your behavior by virtually showing varying outcomes of the wrong action or attitude that you intend to do or show now.
It is not easier to show this type of control on your subconscious in the beginning but once you start applying this attitude in all of your actions, thoughts, behaviors and attitudes, positive things will start occurring within a few weeks’ time intangibly.
Blaming others for one of their faults or wrong things in society is one thing and acting in the same vein as they do is another thing; you know something to be wrong and yet do the same by justifying that it won’t make any difference in the overall universe or the society if I do the otherwise is something that has to be abolished and it can be curbed by saying one of the above sentences/words repeatedly UNTIL they reach your subconscious mind.
As said earlier, your mind can hold one thought or emotion at a time, so, by uttering one of the above mentioned sentences, you can substitute the negative emotion, anger, addiction, abuse or thought with a positive one and get the results that will overpower not only your whole being but bring a whole set of positive changes in the lives of those who may have been affected for life time due to your wrong decision that is taken during negativity and anger.
It is not possible to accept, either from the core of your heart or from fully conscious mind, one of the above five realities and yet having chaotic anger, negative-addiction or mental corruption at the same time. So, do go for it and start bringing new and positive changes in the world by acting positively and by controlling yourself.
Don’t think that your anger will not beget anger or your love will not beget love in the family, community, society, the earth, the universe or the multiverses in general.
Reject Negative Jugaads or Innovations
Anger and mental corruption come in your mind with novel methods of its implementation after long deliberation and thinking to, finally, find a jugaad or indigenous innovation in this connection; but once you utter one sentence out of the above set of five sentences, you start something new and equally novel in your mind by rejecting the negative jugaad and by becoming altogether humane during the whole of this chaos.
Add Gold Bricks to the Palace of Happiness
This is the time when your body, mind (both subconscious and conscious), soul and the Ultimate soul come in single alignment and you gain peace, calmness and positivity that adds a new gold brick to the palace of Happiness and genuine Honor which you are all the time building in your life though consciously or unconsciously.
Blaming, lying, negative-addiction, mental corruption and anger are negative feelings and also abstract ones and they will instigate the same type of abstract emotions, thought processes and feelings in you, so, avoid them by making it a habit to utter one of the above mentioned positive sentences.
Every difficulty in life including business or job issues, relationship fears, drug abuse, or all types of corruption in your mind can be eradicated easily by adopting this sane behavior by repeatedly uttering one of the above sentences and by making sure that you, ‘the real you’ in you, decides not to follow others in their wrong doings and not to justify your wrongs and corruption of all sorts under one pretext or the other.
Learn from the Real Educator
Everybody in the world is not educated in every field of life and, especially, in the field of mind related sciences but it does not mean that the one who is not well-versant with mental studies, psychology, mind power or any other field cannot have knowledge about the ultimate rules of mental studies, psychology, mind power or the desired fields. It may seem difficult for you to grasp at the moment, but, I have the strongest ever belief that the Ultimate Soul, the Ultimate Power in all universes and multiverses starts giving knowledge of the rules and laws of the universe and those of CONTROL to the people who are able to bring their body, mind (conscious, unconscious and subconscious) and soul in single alignment with the Ultimate Soul (God) and who prove themselves to be the true seekers. The examples are the (good or bad) people who have far surpassed and excelled all others in one field, direction or dimension, or the other.
Once you learn a rule or law of CONTROL from the Ultimate Soul, you have enough of free-will to apply it in the right direction like angels did or in the wrong direction just like the Satan/Devil/Beelzebub/Lucifer did.
Control your feelings, thought processes and emotions and control yourself without being affected by the notorious thought, “What people will say about my action or inaction?”
God bless you.

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