How much power the human mind has?

Question: How much power the human mind has?


Mind’s Power is Endless

By Shahid Saleem Butt

 Mind’s power is endless if taken with enthusiasm and with strong belief in its energies, related multi-aspects and the in-action multidimensional forces.

It can let you achieve any realistic objective in the universe that you can imagine or visualize.

When dealing with mind power, you have to keep in mind the two inter-related, interconnected and compulsively inter-twined concepts of imagination and visualization (or virtual simulation) as not even a single thing in the world was discovered, developed or achieved without the promulgation of one or both of these.  

Albert Einstein, talking about imagination, once said,

“I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination. Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”

Another thinker, talking about visualization, once propounded,

“You can’t do anything that you can’t picture yourself doing. Once you make the picturing process conscious and deliberate, you begin to create the self you want to be.” 

The power of imagination and visualization is the only thing that led people to fly, make aero-planes, spaceships, and build nuclear energy and new genetic patterns for life. 

It is also the power of imagination and visualization that guided people in every detail through fairy tales as how to develop a cell-phone mirror where one can see the whole world and how to build jetpacks to fly like birds and how to develop novel viruses and genes to control every single living or nonliving thing through varying laws of nature including the law of attraction. 

Milton, in the 17th century, also talked about the same when he said, 

“The mind is its own place and in itself, 

Can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven.”

Hamlet’s question of “To be or not to be” also brings about the height of visualization and imagination about future events as the same occurs in real-time what he imagines, visualizes or virtually simulates. 

What is Real? Thoughts or Actions?

What your subconscious mind needs, to implement a thorough process for achieving success, is a clear-cut and fully rehearsed detailed pathway and this is what your thoughts, imagination and visualization tend to provide. 

Here, I feel, thoughts and visualization are real rather than the later actions which are only a copy of the action-doer’s thoughts. 

All actions and reactions of a person depend on what he thinks, ponders or visualizes in the long run and same is the case with his future achievement which is just the exact COPY of his present or past thoughts. 

Be Mentally Rich in Visualization to be Rich Where you Want to Be Rich in Real-Time

Stay and promise in the present by visualizing your object related events just like a film or video in every detail of color, temperament, mood, environment, ambiance, surroundings, clothing, eatables, drinkable, type of people, type of furniture, type of music, type of sounds and everything that you can imagine on that particular day of fulfillment.

Feel the object to be in the present and already to be in your hands. 

This is what you would rehearse again and again until you reach, practice, talk, walk and act the very object in every detail. This type of rehearsals will make every underlying difficulty resolved algorithmically through your subconscious mind to achieve whatever you have been aiming at.

Power to Retain an Achieved Object Also Comes Through Eager Visualization

Make sure, that your object has been rehearsed visually and through imaginative simulations enough of times before you reach it as, otherwise, you may lose object even if you get it somehow as you would not have enough of practice of holding or retaining it.

Visualization, imagination and virtual simulation of each and every detail of the object will make sure that you achieve your object, retain it, make it a base for the next bigger destination, and so on.

Visualization, in itself, is not just imagination on one aspect of the fulfillment; you have to think of the whole process of building the object that passes through varying levels and stages to reach its entirety.

In simple words, you have to build a step-by-step algorithm to reach your destination, object or aim whatever you call it.

The end of every series of your achievements must be your happiness and not transient pleasure or enjoyment.  

So, make sure that you tend to attain, with novel eagerness, the same happiness, truthfulness, mental peace, freedom and innocent beauty that you had when you came to this world. 

And, last but not the least, remain positive during this whole visualization period so as to reap the fruit in real time whose plants were grown, fertilized, watered, nurtured and guarded in imagination and visualization.


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