How can I control things in my dreams?




How can I control/overpower things in my dreams?

by Shahid Saleem Butt

Answer: Dreams have a special purpose in your life and they come to convey some messages either through spiritual guides or other relevant people to let you understand, analyze and overpower your difficulties.

Here is the way as how to overpower your dream messages and to convert a dream message, while staying inside the dream, into something that suits you.

1.    If the dream means to warn you about a misadventure, you have to prepare your brain to fight against this by telling your subconscious mind that you are ready to change the events of the dream just according to your needs, requirements and wishes.

Tell your brain, body, heart and soul to be with you in this adventure (unique experience) and if somebody tries to hurt you in a dream, change the events straightaway right inside the dream and this will make sure that your life changes at the same time and day.

2.    Main issue is being brave when dealing with dreams. If you will be submissive inside the dream, you cannot achieve much, so, be energetic and go ahead with the dream.

3.    Stay positive and be bold when inside the dream. It will take time but once you are set upon dealing with your dream in a logical and bold manner, things will start changing for you.

4.    Dreams foretell you about the real time issues as they will be weaving and coining different stories. If you have an issue in life, you will see heart-rending stories that are to befall you but….

If you face the story bravely and are no more timid and submissive inside the dream and are rather agile, active and able not only to face the reality but also to change or mold it as per your needs and requirements, you will be able to win the day and overpower the looming disaster.

5.    Guide and empower your subconscious and conscious mind to help you during dream and make you fight against the given odds with real-time strength through the use of visualization, reticular activating system and pineal gland that relates to your third eye.  Are you ready to dream the way I want you to dream? 

Be brave as dreams never let the Dream seer (during dream) to be yielded by calamities.

No need worry if you are having dreams about being overpowered.

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