Heavy Moon

Poem: “Heavy Moon”

Realise that, Even if you lose,
All your wealth and possessions,

All about yours precious stream,
Hidden inside yours little bit Dreams…

If Standards fall suddenly  in one day,
You can stand by Hope’s on Hard times ..

Yes!It’s not selected for yours fate ,
Remember, has Almighty ever denied?

A step away from His eternal grace,
Just Hold your greedy ego under knife…

And If you face yours circles for strive,
Think it’s life’s hanging and Moonlight..

Remember,you’re an embracing ocean,
Ignore this material-worshipping world..

To achieve a caring and charitable soul, Be selfless in circle of your own moon…

Keep on searching for truest answers,
Underneath yours crystals of inner soul..

Your outer Self is just an empty shell,
Be sure, you’re happy with Moonlight…

Sidrah asghar

SS Noor’s Youtube channel

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