Happiness is an abstraction and we endeavor to seek it through material things. Happiness is abstract just like all positive goods like beauty, truth, soul, etc, but we tend to find it in materials like property, cars, money, etc.

Happiness also comes when you try to give it to others. Happiness is everlasting and once you get it, it will be a part of your soul and it will please you again whenever you think about it, just like some lovely moments of life, but pleasure or joy is momentary and it vanishes soon when the current emotional state is over.

Happiness relates to positive aftereffects whereas pleasure or momentary joy relates to the aftereffects that may not always be fully positive or are simply counterproductive.
If something gives you happiness even by losing something big, get it, as it is a joy forever and a joy that not only surrounds your soul, it rather lives inside it. 


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