Grit Takes You to Maximum-Level of Your Destiny Range

Grit Takes You to Maximum-Level of Your Destiny Range

God is Benevolent and He bestows us with a destiny that is equal, in all terms, to all other human beings though in different aspects and in different scenarios; if one is wealthier, the other may have more commonsense, health and more friends; if one is powerful, the other may have more power in other terms, and so on.

Though I cannot change my fate but I can let my grit, power and determination work wonders for me. This will make sure that I get success in my refined object more forcefully and with much better and advanced results keeping in view the prevalent conditions, knowledge, expertise, inventions, ideas and schools of thought.

Right Minds Achieve Goals Even If They Have to Crawl

Right and positive minds always tend to achieve and, in the end, do achieve their goals in one way or the other. Their onlookers may think that they did it very easily (for example, would you believe, I allowed this idea to ripen in my mind for many weeks before I jotted it down; but onlookers may think it to be an easy idea to come in one’s mind).

It is the doer who actually knows how long it took him to understand various multi-dimensional aspects of the situation and, then, he finally achieved it.

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