God and Pure Heart, Mind and Soul

God and Pure Heart, Mind and Soul

By Shahid Saleem Butt

As talked earlier, I gave the theory of three apparent types of waves; mechanical, electromagnetic and the special waves through which God communicates with us and vice versa.

If you scroll through the pages of history, right from the starting point of Big Bang, String, or any other theory; to the arrival of protozoans to dinosaurs and from the earliest living creatures to the present ones in the 21st century A.D., you would come to know that it is human beings who work with inquisitive minds, record events and ideas, promote novel ideas and then pass them on to the next generations to bring betterment in the latter’s lives.

Now, talking particularly about humans, the existence of the age of cavemen, Old Stone Age, New Stone Age, the civilizations of Mesopotamia, Greece, Rome, Fertile Crescent, China, India, Indus Valley, Egypt and all religions that came from time to time in this world, the humans have always tried to explain the higher order of the world; the existence of the supernatural, I mean the existence of God and His workers (angels).

Many human beings set on lifetime journeys to find God but the record of the whole human history tells about only two persons, rather Holy Prophets, Moses (PBUH) with whom He talked at the Mount Toor and the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) whom He met at His final abode(Arsh-e-Ilahi) after he passed through Sidra-tul-Muntaha on the day of Meraj or his travelling through time, space and dimensions. So, what for other God seekers who want to find or to talk to Him?

First of all, we have to collect all the traits that God likes, the traits that purify body, brain, mind, heart,and soul. All these parts of me and you need to be clean and pure to maximum extent where a particular person may reach as per the deputed capabilities.

Prophet Moses’ heart was pure enough to allow him to talk to God whereas Prophet Muhammad’s heart was light and pure enough to carry him straight to God’s abode; but, they were prophets of God and not laymen like us.

So, what should we do and what is the maximum point where we can reach. Well, it depends on our routine life, mindsets, relationship with others, thoughts’ purity, ability to switch from one dimension to another and, most importantly, the purity and lightness of our hearts.

Well, switching between dimensions may be easy or difficult for a layman. If one’s heart is the purest one, the most positive and devoid of negativities, it will become lightest to the accessible extent;so much light that he/she would be able to switch between dimensions pretty easily where the supernatural parts of the universe are revealed.It again depends on the purity of your heart and the 11 or 12, so far discovered, dimensions can easily be explored in this way.

To me, the waves through which we can communicate with God or see His manifestations, emanate from heart and by passing through mind, bodily parts, and soul, they reach God’s abode within the smallest fractions of even microseconds and enable us to talk to Him while the whole of one’s body organs, mind and soul are fully aligned with his/her pure heart.

Everybody can seek God’s inspiration but as per his/her level of the purity of heart and its alignment with body, mind and soul.So, finding and getting His guidance is not difficult if we can use our minds and hearts cautiously.

Firstly, you may or may not use tongue as the final way of communication with God as the only necessity for talking to Him is the requirement of your mind, heart and soul; if these are fully aligned, there is no need for formal beseeching as your message will reach straightway at its required destination without any hindrance. Moreover, tongue supports mechanical waves whereas prays need to reach God’s abode through special waves that are used for this purpose only.

Secondly, there are many people,in this world, who have some type of disability like that of hearing, seeing or speaking. Although they cannot utter their prayers in normal way, yet God hears their prayers. It means they also communicate with Him through single source of the purity of their hearts and the single way of bringing their body limbs in alignment with their mind and soul to ‘speak out’ their messages.

I believe, the Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had the lightest ever heart, mind and soul to travel through time and space and switch among different dimensions to reach God’s abode.

I would suggest to world physicists and space departments to depute some of their professionals on finding the lightest possible and positive hearts, fully aligned with their bodies, minds and souls to let them practice switching among dimensions and for time and space travelling without the need of material machines in this respect.

Finally, make your heart purest to the optimum possible level in whatever way(s) you deem better to communicate with God.

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