Finding proof of God’s presence and His being the Creator of the Universe(s) and Multiverse(s)

Finding proof of God’s presence and His being the Creator of the Universe(s) and Multiverse(s)

by Shahid Saleem Butt

Main interpretation and crux of all religions on Earth relate to the presence of God as the omnipresent and Creator of the universe(s) and multiverse(s). Intellectuals have now a lot of proofs of God’s presence as they have explored a lot many scientific and logical points to reach this conclusion. All religions also support God’s presence.

I will also give a little bit of my contribution in this respect. ‘God is omnipresent and He is the Creator of everything’; I came upon this statement when I read the following words from the Holy Quran, “Kull-o-Nafsin Zaiqa-tul-Maut”.

I started pondering over these Arabic words and the laws of the universe; the all-time expanding universe, the laws of nature, gravitation, energy-mass relationship, life and death of living organisms, life and death of the planets, stars, universe(s), the presence of dimensions, theologies, philosophies, everything that came my way and finally concluded that the statement applies to everything in the universe(s).

Everything has to taste death; ‘everything’ means everything excluding God or soul. Whatever laws of motion, laws of nature, theories, conclusions, philosophies were born; they have already died or are dying their own death as ‘change’ is the only thing that prevails. If there is life, there is death, too.

“Nafs”not only means the living organisms but it may also relate to the mechanism of winds, the mechanism that controls sea waves, the mechanism that is expanding the universe and running stars. Specific mechanisms keep them going is what,I think, ‘Nafs’ means as these  objects of nature are also created by God and everything that He created are working and operating according to their ‘algorithm’through ‘real intelligence’.

From these words of the Holy Quran, we can easily reach the ultimate and undeniable truth that everything that has ‘life’, from atom-to-molecule-to-cell-to-organ-to-living organism and from atom-to-molecule-to-all mechanisms that run planets, stars, planetary systems, galaxy systems, universe systems, have to die as they were born once. This is the ultimate Truth and the  words “Kull-o-Nafsin Zaiqa-tul-Maut” completely interpret the reality of everything as now we know planets can also die, stars can also vanish, the same is true to the mechanisms that control sea-waves’, the crustal plates, the wind system, etc.

We also know that the whole universe is going to die on one day; this truth, accompanied by the Final Day of Judgement, clearly establishes that these are true words of somebody who knows everything and He is God.

Real-time Examples of the truth of this statement.

  1. Just like its birth, continuous expansion and finally death; universe stands as an exemplar in this regard.
  2. Every theory, after being born, dies after sometime; same is true for the so-called inventions.
  3. Every civilization that rose in the beginning did fall and will continue experiencing the same fate.
  4. Every new discovery, which seemed to be final for the prevalent onlookers, saw itself dying and the future people making alterations to it.
  5. Every new hi-tech gadget would die its own death though it is adored in the beginning, on its birth.
  6. The latest modes of surgery, therapy and treatment continue dying leaving way for new ways.

New discoveries are occurring now almost on daily basis. People’s knowledge is increasing pretty fast now with the arrival of the ‘artificially’ intelligent gadgets and computing devices. These discoveries are coming to people’s minds in the same way as the universe is expanding very fast.

A time has to come, according to these Quranic words, when all these things will see their death. The only reality is the soul of all these things which is there to remain as such.

I feel:

  1. The flower-like expanding universe will see its end when everything will return to its starting position, from where the universe started (be it Big Bang theory or the String Theory); the constituent parts of universe may take a round trip to reach the starting point while contracting in all ways.
  2. The ever increasing human knowledge will reach, one day, at a point where they will know all laws of nature and the things around. That will lead peoples’ craze and curiosity to see an abrupt end and this day will start the craze for something that will totally be away from curiosity for knowledge without which the very existence of mankind seems useless right now.

Reality is soul and not the running mechanism or body. Soul is to last forever but every other thing has to die.

Please give comments to lead me towards better understanding and explanation.

If you have better ideas, do share please to explain God’s reality to all humanity.

Remember, God is pretty close to Pure Heart, Mind and Soul.


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