Fate, Grit and Chance

Fate, Grit and Chance

– Everybody gets many chances to get their ‘things’ (objects) that are already written in their destiny and that are for them.

– They go on getting chances, one after the other, to capture their things.

– The dreams (your dreams) are all the time showing the real path towards that ‘thing’.

– Some people get the meaning of their SsELFAT dreams and straightaway catch the fateful written ‘thing’. They can reach the optimum level of their fate which their fortune-range offers them.

– Some others (tardy ones) take too much time to reach their goal and capture only the minimum of the range (of their fateful ‘thing’) that their fate offers.

What is good fate?

Is it power, wealth, intelligence, etc.

Is it true love?

Is it spouse love?

Is it brotherly, sisterly or relations’ love?

Is it fans’ love?

Is it people’s love?

Is it business?

Is it friendship?

Is it piety only?

Is it worshipping your God?

Is it progeny?

Is it good luck?

Is it following your religion?

Is it in finding your real purpose of life?

Is it in finding the true meaning of your life?

Is it in having every costly thing at your disposal?

Is it to have this thing or that and so on?


Is it my whole-hearted love for all creatures of the universe?

This never ending list will give you a glimpse of real world and what the world is doing and you are supposed to find something that really interests you and that is something for what you were created.


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