Fate and the Latest Scientific Theories

By Shahid Saleem Butt
Fate and the Latest Scientific Theories
Scientific progress, Quantum Physics, relativity, data storage in human DNA, etc., are leading us towards a world where the traditional ways of doing things will diminish and people won’t need books, libraries and even traditional computers to achieve their hardest ever goals of life.
Time is not far when they will no more need to read books to gain knowledge as it would be far easier to memorize and then grasp knowledge contained in tons of books by just going to vendor asking him to copy all the related data into your DNA.
Even a simple teenager would then be able to grasp as much data and knowledge as hundreds of scientists of present day may have.
True Meaning of Good Fate
Things are changing and we have to continue studying newer facts that are taking us towards the final call, the Final Day of Judgment.
Running after the past, getting knowledge about future and trying to manipulate fate, destiny, luck or fortune would mean a lot if we continue hankering after material and matter.
If we mean to lead a life of a materialistic person, we can hanker after all these ways, but if we are to satisfy our heart and soul and require only tranquility and calmness of mind, we need not worry about anything around as we can get this calmness of body, mind and soul by just negating material and moving towards spirit.
Human Dilemma – How Can Matter Calm Down Your Soul?
It is dilemma for human beings that they, in reality, want peace of mind and should but, to attain their goal, they get astray by hankering after more and more material-related fortune.
Matter is necessary, too much necessary for survival and going ahead in this materialistic society.
I believe, we have to go through drastic change in our preferences by giving more attention to our souls.
Soul is almost abstract just like the abstractions, for instance, happiness, innocence, beauty, calmness, etc.
Should we not go for abstractions to enliven soul?
Is it not crazy to hanker after materials to feed our (almost abstract) soul?
Calmness – the Ultimate Need
Time is not far when topnotch scientific discoveries will make it easy for us to know all possible tactics to earn maximum money and to use automatic ways (by employing a software) to get our desired targets with utmost accuracy. This will be the end of all businesses’ techniques.
Only then, there will start the true meaning of life, the right thing to learn and the precise mode to keep your minds calm.
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