Effort, Grit and Destiny

Effort, Grit and Destiny

(Effort, grit and destiny go side by side to get an object in life.)

If I set a target to achieve something and then employ all my grit to achieve it, I will go through almost all subtleties to achieve my goal without having the slightest illusion, which may or may not be written in my destiny.

Moreover, being knightly, I won’t use any unfair means to get it.

Now, if I am not destined to get it, of course, I won’t get it because I can’t change my fate or destiny – though I can move into this destiny-range from bottom to top or vice versa.

Way to Get the Desired or the Refined Object

But, but, there is a way.

Instead of getting disheartened I should show sportsman spirit and turn my attention towards an equally symmetrical and the same or higher type of object as a goal with more pondering, thinking and full deliberation so as to ensure that it is the rightmost object that corresponds to my body, mind and soul and it is far better than the previous one (or, at least, at the same level as the previous one) in many other aspects which I missed or ignored in the previous object.

Refining Object

Now, this is the best way to refine my selection of the right object and to use the previous experiences to gain my ‘new’ object though it is not the ‘new’ one; it is rather the right one because I must have ignored some aspects of consideration in the previous object in which I got failed (or knightly resigned from).

Use Optimum-Level Mental Strength

After keeping in view subtleties, the main points, the deep thoughts, the multi-dimensional aspects, I will be in optimum-level strength of mind to get my new object more forcefully and with much better strength and advanced results keeping in view the prevalent conditions, inventions, ideas and schools of thought.

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