Charging Client (Joke)

Charging Client

Kugga was feeling headache while in a party when he suddenly came across his family doctor.

Kugga was overjoyed to see the doctor for this free of cost checkup opportunity and straightaway asked him about the issue.

The doctor advised him a few simple exercises and a medicine. Kuga thanked him and went away.

Kuga felt better at this free prescription but the doctor wanted a way to charge Kuga, so, he looked around for a lawyer and soon was able to find the one in the party.

“What if a private client consults me when I am in a party,” the doctor asked the lawyer.

“No problem, send him a notice of your charges by mail later on”, the lawyer advised him politely.

Doctor liked this advice and thanked him.

The next morning, he went straight to the post office to post a US$100 bill to his private client when the postmaster handed him over an envelope containing a US$10,000 bill from the lawyer who met him in the party.


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