Celebrity Workout for Fitness – Chris Hemsworth & David Beckham & John Cena

Celebrity Workout for Fitness – Chris Hemsworth & David Beckham & John Cena

This piece of writing will tell you about the celebrity workout. It is not talent always which is necessary to keeps you in field. But, the most important thing is how you look as well.
There are workouts and diets which they use to remain fit. Many people want to look like these celebrities and start the exercises and diets which their favorite star is using.
But this is highly risky because everyone has one’s own physique. If someone is doing this, then beware that special care is needed.

Different Workouts of Celebrities

Celebrity fitness is of great importance. Here are the examples of few celebrities from different fields like sports, body building and acting.
It will tell how they became perfectly shaped. And also what diets they have used. Celebrity trainers play an important role in helping the celebrities to get fitness.

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth is an actor. He did acting in a smash hit movie. He was skinny in the beginning. But then he did exercises like weight lifting and compound exercises like dead lifts, squats, pull ups and chin ups, etc. for the growth of muscles. Now, he has perfect body like bodybuilders and has ideal weight.
His diet was boiled chicken and protein shakes, only. He said that celebrity diet is very much important in losing weight. If you do a lot of exercises but you can’t control your diet, that exercise will not be effective.

David Beckham

David Beckham is a well known personality. He was the captain of England’s international football team from 2000 to 2006. By telling about himself he said that he did a lot of weight lifting.
His job required a lot of running, which is absolutely a perfect exercise. He also did cardio workouts for being quick in actions.  
He shaped his body according to his desires and job requirements. If a person wants to have a body like him, he has to do a lot of work especially running or to get help from this celebrity trainer.

John Cena

John Cena is the world’s best wrestler. He won many types of awards like world heavyweight championship and world champion, etc. His workout plans were very tough. He worked a lot on his body.
His main exercises include dumbbell curl, parallel-bar dip and close grip chin, etc. John’s diet was of great importance for him because his job was energy consuming.
His diet includes chicken breast pieces, bananas, brown rice, vegetables, eggs, fish, pasta, salad and protein shakes for getting energy.
By reading about celebrity workouts and celebrity diets, we come to know that celebrity workout for fitness needs more care than general notion goes about it.
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