Best 4 Nutrition Rich Smoothies Slowdown Aging Process

Best 4 Nutrition Rich Smoothies Slowdown Aging Process

Smoothie is a drink made either from whole fruits or whole vegetables or a mixture of both. You may put any number of fruits or vegetables in blender and let it go.
Antiaging smoothie will be ready for you to drink along with all of its pros and cons. The mixture or smoothie, thus prepared, will give you wholesome health and is an antiaging mixture.
Here are some recipes (methods) of making smoothies.

1. Get a banana, 15 gram honey and 150 gram curd to Slowdown Aging Process. Put all these ingredients into a jug or blender.

Switch on your blender and smoothie will be ready within three to five minutes.
Pour it into a glass and serve.
This smoothie is rich in vitamins and is highly nutritious.
Pro-biotic yogurt will help your digestive system; calcium, iron and potassium in banana will provide strength to your bones while honey will strengthen your immune system.
This smoothie, as a whole, will provide your body with a lot of benefits against aging process.

2. Vegetable smoothie may also be prepared by mixing small amounts of different vegetables like cucumber, carrot, radish, spinach, celery, broccoli and cabbage to get fresh and wrinkle free skin.

Make it tasty by adding a glass of orange or apple juice.
All these vegetables are put into an electric jug or electric juicer.
Juicer is switched on for a few minutes and smoothie is ready.
It contains vitamins and ingredients that provide you with super diets and will also slow down aging process.
Skin will get fresh as its anti oxidant ingredients will fight against free radicals and regenerate body cells.

3. Another aging problem is memory loss but the good news is that we have a smoothie to help you retain your memory.

Take 100 gram of strawberries, one cup low-fat yogurt, 2 spoons peanut butter, 1 spoon lecithin and 1 spoon flax seed oil.
Mix all these ingredients in a juicer jug and switch the machine on. Smoothie will be ready within five minutes.
This smoothie’s ingredients have great nutritional value. Main ingredients in it are fat, protein, fiber, iron, zinc, Niacin and Vitamin E.
Lecithin contains choline and choline prepares acetyl-choline which keeps nerve and brain functions in order. It is also a major component of cell membranes.

4. You may prepare another antiaging smoothie by mixing different quantities of apple, pine apple, mango, pomegranate, banana, orange and lemon.

Pour some ice cubes in it. Switch on blender and smoothie is ready to be served.
It has all antiaging ingredients in it and will be served to slow down aging process.


Many people do not like the idea of taking a smoothie made from unhygienic and uncooked vegetables which have been treated chemically with pesticides and other toxic chemicals which make vegetables grow faster.
These chemicals get stuck on vegetables, so, they must be boiled and cooked properly for detoxifying purposes.
But everything remains intact in a smoothie and the person who drinks it gets various germs and chemicals inside his body.


Use of an antiaging smoothie seems to be a wholesome health-giving idea but reservations of opposition should also be kept in mind and only detoxified foods should be included in smoothie making process.
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