Be Your Mind’s Master and Not the Slave 

Be Your Mind’s Master and Not the Slave 

by Shahid Saleem Butt

The people who go after their set routines and who are not open to changes are actually slaves of their subconscious minds which itself is slave to your mind.  

So, by following the set habits, routines, addictions and so-called norms and traditions, you become slave of many slaves and your end is ‘oblivion’. 

But if you are always open to  

  1. a) Change
  2. b) Reprogramming of your neurons and chemicals
  3. c) Re-engineering your subconscious mind to the level of nuts andbolts whateverbe your past or its circumstances. 
  4. d) Your brain’s overhauling without blaming others for your misfortunes.
  5. e) Gratefulness for whatever you have now even if you have lost too much. Just bring into your mind what you were when your soul joined your body and you came in this world; nothing material was yours and nothing will be yours when your soul leaves your body as bag and baggage are not allowed there in the hereafter.
  6. f) Believe that you are your conscious mind and you are master of your body parts including your subconscious mind. You have to overpower your subconscious mind by controlling or programming it in its very language that your specific subconscious mind knows. 

You have to be the master as you are the best of God’s creations and your mind can do everything that you can imagine provided you follow the rules of Allah / God. 

So, follow God in His commands of speaking, doing and acting the Truth and Love for all and also the rule of Kun Fa Yakoon by using your thoughts-related, imaginative, visualizing and simulating abilities to create/generate, create/recreate, or find genuine ways to reach your set goal in life. 

Last , but not the least, your goal may be very small or very high, but it must follow the above mentioned principals or laws as you are a multidimensional being and same is the case with the law of Kun Fa Yakoon; so, follow the rules of love and Truth, too, when developing an algorithm to rule great powers of your subconscious mind. 


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