Piano Patient was looking at a magazine picture where a pianist was playing.  Nurse: Don’t worry, once you are good, […]

Rock Music Once Kugga and Shapoota were in mental asylum. Shapoota was singing a song whereas Kugga was putting stones […]

Extravagant Miser Kugga to his son: What are you doing? Son: Nothing. Miser: Are you reading something? Son: No, I’m […]

Marketing Dad: Marry the girl of my choice. Son: Never. Dad: She is Mark Zuckerberg’s (Facebook’s owner) daughter. Son: Ok. […]

Stars At night, Kugga and Shapoota camped in an open space and went to sleep after long day’s hard work. […]

Jakarta A girl was praying, “O God, please make Jakarta the capital city of Pakistan!” Mother: Why are you praying […]

Checkbook First friend: Which book helped you the most in life? Second friend: Papa’s checkbook. …. Ever Fresh English Humor, […]

Kidding Stranger to a boy: What’s your name? Boy: joking. Man: What’s your father’s name? Boy: Laughing. Man: And your […]

Fastest Country Teacher: Name the fastest country in the world. Student: Rushee-A (Russia). …. Ever Fresh English Humor, Fun and […]

Taxi or Bus Kugga went to a Safari Park with his father. Many lions, tigers, elephants, anacondas and ferocious animals […]

Happy Teacher: What does your dad like to do on Father’s Day? Kugga: He wants to be happy by not […]

Harp  Mary: What about the harp your father gifted you on your birthday? Do you like it? Kuga: Well, I love […]

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