Article Writing: as Gurus Do

Article Writing: as Gurus Do

By Shahid Saleem Butt

The article writing requires the most viable technique for the purpose. The biggest ever ‘guru’ who gave valuable tips in writing various genres of writing was Aristotle and he told us how to write a piece, rather a masterpiece, of tragedy or poetry (epic, etc) in his famous book “Poetics”. He said that a tragedy should be an ‘organic whole’, i.e., a piece of writing with proper beginning, middle (body) and an end. The same rule applies to the essay writing and the articles.

A manipulated and maneuvered piece of writing may not be said to be the work that may stand out among the zillions. The best ever article would be the one that really takes the crux of your education and common sense while the output is such that stands unparalleled in the history. Such a piece of writing, if combined with the search engine friendly keywords, may produce the results- in terms of promoting your site or online business- that would again be matchless in history.

Writing a real incomparable and yet productive article for  purposes is not very difficult as it takes much less effort and time than many other articles that are the product of mimicry or plagiarism. Keep in mind the following unique rules to go for the articles that will really give you the limitless benefits if you write the things that were never written before.

  1. Search Engine Friendly Keywords

Think about the article topic of your choice and then open the search engine like Google and search the keywords relating to the topic from the Write the high search while low competition keywords on some paper temporarily. Short list the most suitable 1-3 keywords that most suit your marketing designs and then start writing on the topic you imagined initially. The writing procedure requires that you should write your article in such a way that the article’s title and the related key words fully conform to each other just like a rhythmic musical symphony so that the article marketing strategies may succeed potentially.

  1. A Captivating Introduction

The next important thing is to write the introduction of the article. Remember, your article’s title leads the reader towards the introduction and the introduction, in its turn, will lead to its body. So, it’s better to write such a captivating and charismatic introduction-according to the title, keywords and the business details-that would really be unique. The introduction must come out of your own mental capabilities and obviously must represent your vast knowledge of the topic.

  1. Go for the C’s but not 7.

Don’t stick to the seven C’s prescribed by the business communication experts. The 7 C’s being: correctness, clarity, conciseness, completeness, consideration, concreteness and courtesy. The 7 C’s are for business communication while you are writing such a piece of art that may have some of these C’s but not all. After all, you must be having correctness, clarity, completeness, consideration, etc. but the remaining C’s are not much important for the article writing as an article is a mixture of the truth and innovation. The genuineness of the article requires you to go for a correctness that may not make your article drab, boring and only a piece of information. It must, rather, be seem to be an interesting, informative and gripping piece of writing at the same time.

  1. Move to the next aspect of the topic intangibly

The article body should be such that may not let the reader allow even the wink of an eye. One aspect of the information about the same topic must lead to the next aspect in such an intangible manner that the reader never feels about your line of action and is led to the next topic or aspect of the article. This is your real success.

  1. Develop your own Style

Every human being created in this universe is unique and a masterpiece of innovation so should be your article. Write your article in such a way that it should represent a style of your own just like you yourself. Don’t follow others’ styles as copying should be left for monkeys (we should name the copying as “monkeying” so that to discourage it in article writing).

  1. Never Forget the Title and the Keywords

While writing about the body of the article, the title and the keywords that you searched in the beginning must be kept in your mind and the body of the article should be the title-oriented. Keep strictly to the keywords and the title and you may use the keywords off and on but the keyword density must not increase the 1-3% limit or just according to the specifications provided to you.

  1. Comparison and Contrast

The title’s topic may be compared and contrasted with the relevant topics that the other writers have been using. You may tell why you stick to the opinion of yours by giving comparisons and contrasts from the writings of the other people so that to prove the uniqueness of your own article as well as your ideas. This will prove your article to be the genuine piece of prosaic writing.

  1. Conclusion

After having written the body of the essay, the conclusion must follow in quite an organic and natural way. The conclusion contains the gist of ideas that you have already expressed in such a way that you tell the reader in an impalpable manner about the positivity of your views as against the looming negativity of the selected topic, if any. You never become omniscient as to impose your decisions rather you tilt unnoticeably towards your view point as against the opposite view without letting the reader note the tactic that you have employed for the attention capturing purposes. Your article should be a creation of your own mental capabilities just like that of the gurus.






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