5 Main Factors Influencing Unintentional Drowning and Prevention

5 Main Factors Influencing Unintentional Drowning and Prevention

The accidental injury prevention surrounds many aspects and unintentional injuries like drowning is one of those.

The US government Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (cdc.gov) talks about the accidental injury prevention and says that 10 Americans die daily due to unintentional drowning.

Most of the drowning people are males. Drowning is the sixth leading cause of unintentional injury death among the Americans.

The US people saw 3,443 drowning deaths in the year 2007 meaning by that almost 10 people died due to drowning daily while 496 died due to boat accidents.

These figures do not include the other serious injuries occurred to the people in the same incidents.

Non fatal drowning cases may lead to the victims to brain damages, long-term disabilities, memory problems, bone fractures, dysfunction of some body tissues, etc.

The accidental injuries are preventable and so they must be prevented in one way or the other so that to relieve the humanity.

High Risk for Men

The drowning injuries are more fatal for men of all ages as compared to the women or children under 14. Out of all the drowning deaths, 80% males die.

Children from 1 to 4 have also high drowning rates and almost 30% children (in 2007) died due to this reason out of all the children dying from unintentional injuries.

The unintentional drowning rate (2000-2007) of the minorities in the USA ranged from 1.3 (African Americans) to 1.7 times (American Indians and Alaskan natives) as compared to the whites.

The factors of physical environment and social and cultural issues are responsible for the mass unawareness to the gravity of the problem.

Things get rotten in the core when the common people don’t give much attention to the risk of accidental injury through unintentional drowning.

Factors Influencing Unintentional Drowning and Unintentional Injuries

  1. A public recreational watery place must be guarded life-guards or designated water watchers who must stand responsible for any mishap and whose duty to should to guide the people in this regard and keep a watch on the people in the water.
  2. The caregivers must be there for the swimming children so that to protect them from going away from the barriers installed there to keep the children away from deep water.
  3. The accidental injuries through drowning are more at the natural settings like lakes, rivers, sea shores, etc. Again the presence of life guards is required here.
  4. Life jackets are mostly replaced by air filled tubes or balloons. The use of life jackets can avert the fatal incidents.
  5. The use of alcohol is another factor leading to the unintentional death.

Thus, unintentional injury prevention measures may be employed to reduce the unintentional drowning so that save our lives to fulfill some better aims in life.   

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