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Fate, Grit and Chance

by Shahid Saleem Butt

Fate, Grit and Chance

– Everybody gets many chances to get their ‘things’ (objects) that are already written in their destiny and that are for them.

– They go on getting chances, one after the other, to capture their things.

– The dreams (your dreams) are all the time showing the real path towards that ‘thing’.

– Some people get the meaning of their SsELFAT dreams and straightaway catch the fateful written ‘thing’. They can reach the optimum level of their fate which their fortune-range offers them.

– Some others (tardy ones) take too much time to reach their goal and capture only the minimum of the range (of their fateful ‘thing’) that their fate offers.

What is good fate?

Is it power, wealth, intelligence, etc.

Is it true love?

Is it spouse love?

Is it brotherly, sisterly or relations’ love?

Is it fans’ love?

Is it people’s love?

Is it business?

Is it friendship?

Is it piety only?

Is it worshipping your God?

Is it progeny?

Is it good luck?

Is it following your religion?

Is it in finding your real purpose of life?

Is it in finding the true meaning of your life?

Is it in having every costly thing at your disposal?

Is it to have this thing or that and so on?


Is it my whole-hearted love for all creatures of the universe?

This never ending list will give you a glimpse of real world and what the world is doing and you are supposed to find something that really interests you and that is something for what you were created.

Find Yourself

Sit down calmly, deliberate hard on something for what you were really created, take your time (which may be from one hour to several months together), use hit and trial method, find the thing of your interest, doing of which gives you perfect joy but not, necessarily, perfect wealth, power or laughter.

Pure joy, perfect calmness and true love are the passions that should arise in you when finding yourself.

After finding yourself, keep in the line with the norms, customs, religion and conscience of your society and do your desired and selected single ‘task (reason) of your life’ for which you particularly were created. In finding the inside of you lies the finding of your Creator; you will be at much better position or perhaps at the super position to find your God if you ultimately find yourself as it is the first step in your finding your Creator and your specific and original object of life.

Fate and Chances – You Are Unique

Fate gives us chances over and over to find the purpose of life. These chances are elaborated to us through dreams that you may see while apparently awaking or sleeping but during the time when your SsELFAT is at work in collaboration with your body, mind and soul to bring unto you the truth that you particularly need to get your truly specific purpose of life and offers you various chances to succeed in real terms of heartfelt satisfaction.

Understand and interpret these chances of life that may seem to be very simple or of little consequence on the face of it but which are of real worth specifically for you. Remember, your luck, joy and perfect serenity lies in your finding yourself. Your fate and purpose of life is unique the same way your DNA, thumb impression, iris, genetic pattern and brain are.

Avail these chances offered by fate (your dreams help you in finding them) and excel in whatever single field (or more fields) you love to work.

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