Weight Loss Truth and Versatile Activity

Weight Loss Truth

The weight loss truth is something different from the reality. The weight is a topic that is often discussed by us when sitting alone or among the people and when we are thinking about our own physique. These thought about our physique guide us to some suppositions about our bodily figure and the weight. When we step on to the scale to weigh our body, we have a lot of things in mind about or weight figure and all those things may be corrected only by losing weight. When we see a certain figure on the scale screen, we get depressed and start ruminating over the matter without knowing the truth about the weight loss.

Weight Loss – a Versatile Activity

Weight loss, inches loss and the fat loss must be differentiated beforehand if we really want to target improvement in our body physique. Weight loss is a simple term and it means that you are losing weight in figures as seen on the weighing machine’s screen. The inches loss means that you have lost some inches around your waist, buttocks, hips, etc. when measured by some tailoring tape. The fat loss means you have lost some fat form the areas that seemed too bulky. The point is: you have to lose weight, inches and fat at the same time. Sometimes, you have to lose inches and fat but at the same time you are gaining more weight on your muscles at the same time; this situation is always welcome.

The Right Track

Remember, our target should be the improvement in strength, stamina, muscles and 6 pack abs, etc. The target shouldn’t be only to lose fat rather it should concentrate on losing fat and building muscles as well simultaneously. Getting a thinner figure doesn’t mean you are really getting a better figure; it means you are losing your fat and, sometimes, your muscles too. This reality is really alarming as the weighing scale doesn’t know about the truth behind your weight loss. If you have lost your muscles along with the fat, it doesn’t seem becoming and if you have lost fat that was necessary for bodily health then, again, you haven’t done any good. And, surprisingly, the scale on which you rely so much is unable to tell you the reality. So losing doesn’t mean that you are on the right track.

The weight loss should be seen form various aspects and not from one. If you are losing or gaining your weight, the situation may be judged from a range of perspective angles. Losing weight may be a welcome note at one time but gaining weight may also be a welcome thing with still another perspective. The body fat calculator may be used for the purpose so that to calculate the actual body fat requirement; the weight loss truth must be recognized.


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