Weight Loss-Throw the Scale Away

Weight Loss-Throw the Scale Away

The weight loss deep rumination demands to throw the scale away. The weight loss and the scale seem to be indispensable for some people who think that when they are losing weight on the scale, it depicts that they are on the right track. But, is it really so. Are you really at the right track? Are you really getting good physique? I hope you are at a dilemma as what to say.

Scale shows one side of the situation

Things in life are not as simple as some people think about. Life is the most complex creation of nature and so are the related things. The things about life are also very complex in nature. By simply losing weight, you can’t judge yourself to be getting good physique. Only a versatile approach in this context could lead you to better yourself and, of course, your body. The scale where you weigh yourself measures everything, meaning by, your muscles, bones, fat, water, food, etc. your body weighs differently at different intervals of the day. For example, you weigh your body now and note down the scale figures. Now, take your lunch along with 4 glasses of water; now, again weigh your body and watch the weight difference. Things will be quite clear to you. Wearing a pair of shoes and weighing on the one hand while weighing yourself without shoes on the other hand shouldn’t let you feel differently.

Scaling story is not True

Scale figures don’t tell the whole story about your health and, sometimes, its better to stop weighing yourself as it is unable to depict the real changes that are happening inside your body. If you are doing cardio workouts like running, walking, cycling, etc and losing weight and fats, the thinner and slimmer figure might be a source of contentment for you but at some other occasions the case may not be the same. Sometimes, you have to think differently. You may be doing intense weight lifting working with building more mass around your muscles and gaining in weight instead of losing it. This may be more welcome a note even when the weight machine is telling you that you have gone the wrong way while you yourself know that you have done the right thing by gaining muscles.

Change your Scales

So, the use of scale may not be the right motivator. Just throw out the scales and measure your body through some other modes. See how your old clothes fit on your body. Keep a tape to see if you have been able to lose some inches. Check if you are losing the useful fat or the stubborn fat from your body. Lastly, give more attention to your workouts than to your weight loss and, therefore, throw the scale away.

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